Jackson on Visit: "Michigan Came With It!"

Tory Jackson took his official visit to Michigan last weekend and after his time in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines are going to be very tough to beat.

When speaking with Tory Jackson's mother about her son's recent visit to Michigan, she made continuous mention of how impressed she was by the presentation of Tommy Amaker and his staff. After speaking with the young man himself, it seems that his reaction mirrors his mom's. "It was perfect from the time I got down there," Jackson said. "Michigan came with it! They greeted us real nice. I got down there kind of early. I even got my own tour by myself. They welcomed me perfectly. Tommy Amaker normally eats at the hotel we stayed at. He eats there every morning. When we walked in he was kind of surprised to see us because we were early, but you could tell he was excited. He came over and gave my mom a big hug.. Then I went to one of the classes with Lester Abram. That was cool because he was laid back and down to earth. He kept it real with us. Me and Deshawn actually hung out. Tom was sick a while. We were all on the same floor. Our doors were right next to each other. We were all just talking about how if we came how good it would be we would start something new. K'len (Morris) called my phone and asked me how I was doing. We all talked to him and talked to him about how great it would be if we all went. Then we went out with the players. Dion is the man! He made sure everything was laid. It seemed like he already had things planned for us because everything just went so smooth. Everything went well that day, but Saturday was the best day I had."

After a Saturday morning breakfast, the players and recruits headed over for an informal basketball session at Crisler Arena. Jackson found it particularly fun and exciting playing against Daniel Horton. "Daniel was playing strong, but he knew was an open gym, so he had fun too," Jackson said. "That's how I am at my open gyms. I know I can score if I want to, but sometimes you just like to have fun out there."

As fun as the open gym may have been, the day's festivities were just starting. Just as his mother indicated in our previous interview, the dinner that night at Amaker's home was the highlight of the visit. "We were amazed at how the house looked," Jackson said. "It was REAL nice! His wife greeted us and she was really nice. Then they gave us a tour of the house. Then they took us in the basement and there were all of the pictures of coach Amaker when he was at Duke, and I couldn't help but laugh!"

Once the tour and the dinner were over, Jackson was expecting Amaker to come with a hard sales pitch about committing. However, he was pleasantly surprised by the approach Michigan's headman actually took. "He was in between, because he would come hard…but at the same time he was laid back," Jackson said. "I like the way he came at me though, because he has confidence. He already knows what is going to happen. He can tell that we all enjoyed it. He did his job. I didn't commit, but lets just say they are going to be at the top for a while."

The laid back atmosphere played well with all three recruits according to Jackson. The good time they (Sims more so than Herzog since the big man was sick) had did too. "I know he had a good time," Jackson said of Sims. "The stuff he did and the smile that was on his face…it was just too big."

With his Michigan visit now out of the way, next up for Jackson is a trip to Florida. While no official date has been set, he has a tentative plan to take it in early June. "I'm trying to get it set for two days before I go to the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival."

After his trip to Gainesville is over, Jackson's visits may be done. However, there is still a chance he puts one more destination on the docket. "Maybe Connecticut," Jackson said. "They've been on me for a little while. I just hadn't looked at them like that until they started coming on real hard, and they've started coming on real hard lately."

Once he is done visiting campuses, Jackson plans to make his choice by mid July. For an interesting tidbit on his decision, Michigan fans can check out our premium message board, here.

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Jackson throughout the summer.

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