Stanford Nike: Top Trio Entertains On Sunny CA Day

This was perhaps the weakest of the Nike Combines we've attended this year, including in skill players. However, that said, has a Top Three performers at the combine, Michigan recruits all, who in our opinion were head-and-shoulders above the others. With photos.

First this disclaimer: in this combine, as in all combines attends, we are looking for Michigan recruits. So if there isn't a Michigan recruit, say, at O-line at a particular combine then we don't pay that much attention to that position. In the Stanford Nike Combine, we paid close attention to the quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, defensive backs and defensive ends (not really the defensive tackles or offensive linemen). Based on that, here is our report.

Jason and Tate Forcier
Michigan quarterback signee Jason Foricer plays catch with little brother, Tate, at the Stanford Nike Camp.
The Stanford Nike Camp is always the "Best Of" and Worst Of" the combines.

Best of: the best weather. This Saturday was no exception: another of the endless California coastal days of upper-79's sunshine with low humidity.

Worst of: This combine always has so many kids as to be almost impossible. There were probably 600 kids out there on this day, plus the usual dozens os college coaches -- including a strong contingent of three University of Michigan coaches.

Best of: the weather.

Worst of: the fences around the Stanford practice fields keep the onlookers the furthest from the action of all the combines we attend, That, plus the number of kids in attendance, makes finding the 'gems' on the field extremely taxing -- not for the less-than-rabid reporter.

Best of: usually, the Stanford is the best of all combines for skill players. This year, however, it was the:

Worst of: perhaps the weakest of the Nike Combines we've attended this year, including in skill players.

However, that said, we have a Top Three performers at the combine, head-and-shoulders above the others.

Taylor Mays
Safety Taylor Mays of Seattle

No. 1-A. Seattle safety Taylor Mays. At a true 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, he is the biggest defensive back we've seen this spring. He is not muscularly matured/ filled out, but his agility for his size is outstanding. He reminds us or a little bigger Jamar Adams at the same age. On several occasions during the day, we talked to Taylor and his daddy, a former Washington Husky and NFL player. We will bring you more on Mays soon, with photos.

David Ausberry
Wide reciever/tight end David Ausberry of Lemoore, Calif.
No. 1-B. Wideout/tight end David Ausberry from Lemoore, Calif. (in the Fresno area). Probably more of a tight end than a wideout in college, yet this guy was fast and physically dominant at a 'cut' 6-foot-4 (or just a hair under), 215-pounds. The most excitement of the day was the one time when Ausberry and Mays lined up against each other for one of the QB-WR-DB drills at the end of the combine. Ausberry vs Mays, mano a mano ... the ball snapped, the two went at each pther, the QB dropped back --and the ball slipped out of his hands. No Ausberry vs. Mays. Against anyone else, Ausberry was a man playing with boys. We spoke to Ausberry a couple of times during the day, and we will bring you more on him soon, with photos.

DeMarco Murray
Running back/defensive back DeMarco Murray of Las Vegas.

No. 3. Vegas running back DeMarco Murray from Bishop Gorman High School. The 6-foot-0, 190-pound Murray was actually disappointed in his performance for the day, but to us he looked like his usual silky-smooth 'glider' type of running back. Demarco makes it all look easy out there. We spoke a couple times to Demarco, and to his head coach David White, and, as with the others, we will have more.





Chris Forcier and Menelik Holt
Quarterback Chris Forcier (left) and receiver
Menelik Holt of San Diego.
And we'll add a No. 4 as well: rising junior quarterback Chris Forcier, younger brother of incoming Wolverine QB Jason Forcier was there with Jason, dad-Mike, and little brother Tate. As an underclassmen, Chris wasn't allowed to work out with the top group of QB's in the QB-WR-DB drills, and he did not have his best day throwing either -- but this kid is a great natural athlete overall ( ... better than his older brother ... don't tell Jason ....). We hung around with the Forcier men a lot during the day -- more soon.


Photos by Don Hoekwater / Staff

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