Forciers A Force Again At Stanford Nike

It was deja vu all over again. Another sun-splashed California spring combine, and the Forcier men in attendance rooting on another Forcier sibling quarterback on the field. This year it's rising junior Chris who was on the field of fire. Here's how Chris did and what he told Plus more on the Forcier clan. Also, here's the word on their teammate WR Menelik Holt as well.

Quarterback Chris Forcier, brother of 2005 Michigan quarterback signee Jason Forcier, performs Saturday during one-on-one drills at the Nike Camp held at Stanford University.
It was deja vu all over again. Another sun-splashed California spring combine, and the Forcier men in attendance, rooting on another Forcier quarterback on the field. As always, these guys stick together. Father Mike, eldest son and Wolverine Jason Forcier (who has really bulked himself up to look like Chad Henne now ... he's also grown a little more to look a shade over 6-foot-2), rising junior Chris, and youngest brother Tate, an eighth-grader who is already 5-foot-10-plus. Quarterbacks all.

This year it's Chris Forcier who was on the field. We first saw Chris at last year's San Diego State Nike where his job was to warm up Jason. In the past year Chris has been growing up fast: he's over 6-feet tall now, and around 170-pounds. Check out the young signal-caller's stats.

"I ran a 4.51 second 40 (electronic), and a 4.12 second shuttle," he told us.

Chris Forcier clocked a 4.51 in the 40-yard-dash, and a 4.12 in the 20-yard shuttle. He will be a junior this upcoming football season.
That shuttle time is outstanding -- and those extremely quick feet were in evidence during the passing drills.

However, during the drills sometimes he dropped back looking relaxed and let it rip, displaying a fine arm, and on some throws he acted a little tight or nervous, a performance similar to Neil Caudle's a week ago with dozens of college coaches watching. His dad, always the astute observer of his sons, told us, "He did better at the Scout combine last week."

Nonetheless, in a less-than-steller group of quarterbacks on this day, Chris was as good or better than any QB in attendance. And of course Chris is young and has plenty of chances to sollidify himself as a top '06-07 quarterback prospect.

Speaking of which: are the Forciers going to make their third trip to the Michigan Camp this summer?

Chris Forcier (left) and Menelik Holt of San Diego will camp at Michigan this summer.
Father Mike, who grew up in Bloomfiled Hills in the Detroit suburbs, said, "Of course."

Chris added, "We're going to the Michigan camp this summer." Does he want to go to Michigan as well? He smiled broadly and said, "It'd be hard to turn down Michigan if they offered," he said. "But I think I'm going to keep things open for a while."

It's no secret where dad wants all his boys to go. "I'd love it if they played together, but Chris will make his own choice," Mike Forcier said. Only time will tell if he winds up following his older brother.

Wide receiver Menelik Holt, teammate of Chris and Jason Forcier of St. Augustine High School in San Diego, makes a diving catch during one-on-one drills at the Nike Camp held Saturday on the campus of Stanford University.
Also hanging tight with the Forciers was St. Augustine wide receiver teammate Menelik Holt. Holt, 6-foot-2-plus and about 185-pounds, gave us these stats: "I ran a 5.0 in the 40, and a 4.27 second shuttle." Menelik did a very good job running his routes in the one-on-one drills, but he caught some balls (including one spectacular diving grab) and dropped others.

Is Menelik coming with the Forciers to the Michigan Camp this summer? "Yeah, I'm coming," he said.

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