Pre-July Conclusion for Connor Smith National Recruiting Analyst Allen Wallace spoke with Offensive lineman Connor Smith of Colerain High School in Cincinnati. Connor lists a top three and gives his camps plans. Is Michigan in the mix?

Cincinnati (Ohio) offensive lineman Connor Smith (6-6, 300, 5.1) says that his commitment decision will come down to Ohio State, Michigan or Tennessee. All have offered.

"I definitely want to make my decision on a program soon. It's going to depend on when I'm really ready to decide, but I know that I don't want to drag this process out or even wait until mid-summer to do it. Right now, it looks like my decision is going to come down between those three schools. I'm definitely going to make my decision before July," said Smith, from Colerain High School.

"This summer I want to take in camps at Ohio State and Michigan, and I'd like to take an unofficial visit to Tennessee.

"I like how Ohio State wins national championships and I really like coaches (Jim) Bollman (offensive line) and (Jim) Tressel from there. I think their stadium is just great because it's so big, and they've got some great people over there. They're also close to home and they've got great tradition. I basically like everything about them," he said.

"I really like coaches (Jim) Herrmann (linebackers) and (Andy) Moeller (offensive line) from Michigan. I like their great facilities and their big weight room. I've also camped there the past two summers, so I'm real familiar with coach Herrmann because he's recruiting me. He's a nice guy, and I think that he has family here in Cincinnati because he's here an awful lot. I also had a really good coaching experience with coach Moeller when I was there for camp. He's a really good guy to talk to," said Smith.

"I like Tennessee because they're also pretty close to home, and they're not as far from Cincinnati as some might think. They've got a great tradition and a great program there. I've yet to visit the state let alone the program.

"All three of these programs are recruiting me pretty hard."

Smith, who claims 20 total offers, also claims rides from LSU, Wisconsin, Louisville and Notre Dame.

He's also been to JR Days at both Ohio State and Michigan.

Final JR (15-0) stats: 310 knockdown blocks

3.2 GPA/May 4 SATscores unreported/June 11 first-time ACT

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