Ann Arbor Makes Good Impression on Schilling

Bellevue, Washington offensive lineman Steve Schilling visited Michigan this past weekend and GoBlueWolverine caught up with him Tuesday evening to get his impressions of his time in Ann Arbor. It appears that his first trip across country could not have gone any better.

The Michigan Wolverines haven't been strangers in Bellevue, Washington this spring. Defensive backs coach Ron English and offensive line coach Andy Moeller both have been to the Evergreen State in recent weeks, and Coach Carr had visited in January. Their reason for venturing there was to see one of the country's top lineman: 6-5, 290-pound Steve Schilling. This past weekend, the elite lineman returned the favor and made the trip to Ann Arbor. It turned out to be everything the young prospect expected and more.

"That is as far east as I've been, but it was definitely worth it," Schilling said. "It was a good trip. I had a really good time." When asked if the visit moved Michigan up in his eyes, he replied, "Yeah, you can say that."

Schilling left home Sunday morning and was accompanied on the cross-country trip by his dad. By the time he returned home Tuesday afternoon, he had packed a great deal into the previous couple of days. "I was on campus a little bit Sunday, and then Sunday night I went out with some of the players and hung out with them," he said. "Then all day on Monday I was on campus. Monday morning I sat in on one of the O-line meetings with Coach Moeller. Then I took about an hour to meet or talk to all of the different coaches there: the strength coach, the trainer, my area recruiter Coach English, Coach Moeller, Coach Carr … I made sure to talk with all of them. I also got a tour of the campus."

Schilling's chat with Michigan's headman was particularly memorable. "Me and my dad sat in his office and spoke with him about thirty minutes," he said of his meeting with Coach Carr. "He was just telling us about the program, what's good about it, and helping us get a feel for it. It was really nice."

One of the aspects of the visit that the young lineman really liked was the town of Ann Arbor itself. "It was really nice," he said. "It's a nice college town. It seems like everything you need is right there on campus."

The trip to Michigan marked Schilling's fourth unofficial visit (he had already been to USC, UCLA, and Washington), and though he likely won't camp anywhere this summer, he does plan to visit a few more campuses. He also indicated that he is not quite ready to cut his list down yet. "I don't have a top list of schools right now," Schilling said. "I have not really thought about what official visits I'm going to take, but I want to take all five. My decision will probably come after my season so I have some time to take my official visits when it's over."

When it comes time to make his final choice, the program that wins his services will have a few very important traits. "I think it will be the school I fit in the most with … with the coaches and the program," Schilling said. "It will come down to if I have a good relationship with the coaches and if I can see myself spending the next five years of my life with them."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Schilling in the coming weeks and months.

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