Updated Jim S. National Rankings: Quarterbacks

Michign high school guru Jim S. gives his updated national rankings for quarterbacks -- 107 signal-callers, listed in order of ability in Jim's opinion. See where Michigan sits with the top signal-callers in the country. Jim also rates each's likelihood of ending up a Wolverine.

This is an updated listing of the top junior football prospects in the nation. There have been substantial changes since my March listing. I have also added a couple of new features: 1) An offers list and 2) for the top prospects, a best guess list. I have tried to identify Michigan prospects and have singled them out as follows:

**** Michigan Best Guess List
*** Michigan heavily invoved
** Michigan involved but more of a longshot

1 Tim Tebow QB 6'3 225 4.61 Jacksonville Nease Florida Top Offers: 40+ May Os: MICH,FLA,MIA,AL,FSU,TEN,OHST,NEB,GA,GT,LSU,SCAR,UNC,SCAR,PUR,ORE,OKST,WAKE,IND,LOU,DUKE,etc… Verbal: Best Guess: Michigan/Florida****

2 Mitch Mustain QB 6'3 200 4.72 Springdale Arkansas Top Offers: 25 May Os: ARK,MICHST,A&M,LSU,MICH,TT,GT,TEX,OK,MS,SCAR,CLEM,HOU,KAN,LOU,ND,NEB,FLA,MIA,UVA,IA,VT,TULSA Verbal: Best Guess: Texas***

3 Matthew Stafford QB 6'3 212 4.70 Dallas Highland Park Texas Top Offers: 15 February Os: MICH,LOU,SMU,GA,FSU,OK,BAY,GT,LSU,OKST,KAN Verbal: Georgia Best Guess: Georgia

4 Demetrius Jones QB 6'3 186 4.40 Chicago Morgan Park Illinois Top Offers: 38 May Os: TT,ILL,MICH,ND,NW,KAN,PSU,OHST,MICHST,IND,TEN,NEB,UNC Verbal: Best Guess: Illinois

5 Alex Cate QB 6'2 195 4.76 Salt Lake City Cottonwood Utah Top Offers: AZ,BYU,UTAH,NEB,COL,KAN,MIA,MICH Verbal: Best Guess: Arizona/LSU/Oklahoma**

6 Zach Frazer QB 6'4 209 4.80 Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Top Offers: 20 March Os: GT,ND,MIA,IA,DUKE,AKRON,SYR,UNC,NCST,PSU,KAN,LOU,UCONN Verbal: Notre Dame Best Guess: Notre Dame

7 Neil Caudle QB 6'3 192 4.60 Hoover Spain Park Alabama Top Offers: LOU,AUB,AL,MICH,GA,GT,LSU Verbal: Best Guess: Auburn**

8 Jevan Snead QB/P 6'4 205 4.71 Stephenville Texas Top Offers: 15 April Os: A&M,TCU,TULANE,TT,LSU,OK,OKST,TEX,HOU,AUB,FLA,BAY,KAN,MIA,SMU,PUR Verbal: Florida Best Guess: Florida

9 Pat Devlin QB 6'3 193 4.78 Downingtown East Pennsylvania Top Offers: 20 May Os: UVA,MD,RUT,NCST,PITT,UNC,SYR,MIA,PSU,MINN,MICHST,IA,ILL,PUR,TOL,ORE Verbal: Best Guess: Virginia**

10 Josh Freeman QB/TE 6'6 218 4.90 Grandview Missouri Top Offers: NEB,MO,KAN,IA,IAST,OK Verbal: Best Guess: Nebraska**

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