Graham Pleased With Combine Performance

Brandon Graham comments on the Akron combine, the improvements he would like to make, and visiting other schools. Is his commitment to Michigan solid?

Brandon Graham is widely considered one of the top prospects nationally at his position. That, however, didn't prevent him from testing himself at's final combine of the year in Akron, Ohio this past Saturday. The Detroit Crockett linebacker tipped the scales at 6-1 251-lbs. and ran a 4.67 forty and a 4.47 shuttle. (For all of the official results, click here). Graham contacted GoBlueWolverine recently to chat about his performance, his visit plans, and the status of his commitment to Michigan.

How did you think you performed at the combine? Is there anything that you feel you need to work on?

"I thought I did real well overall. I think my shuttle time could be much faster. I think I did real well in the passing drills. That's one of the things that I think I need work on and I did really good there."

You weighed in at 251. Is that the weight you want to play at?

"No, I want to be lighter than that. I want to get down to at least 230."

Coach Oden indicated recently that you had determined what other schools you were going to visit. About how many do you think you will take?

"I think I'm going to take three or four."

Where do you want to go?

"I know where I want to go. I want to go to Michigan!"

(Laughing) But that's not what I meant, I meant…

"There ain't no buts about it! I'm going to Michigan!"

Ok, I hear what you're saying. Your commitment to Michigan is pretty solid.

"Yeah, it's solid. As solid as can be."

Now back to the question I was trying to ask (laughing)…what other places do you want to visit?

"I want to go down where it's fun so I can enjoy myself. Take a vacation."

Florida and USC?

"Yeah, both of them."

How about Florida State?

"Nah…I would say Notre Dame."

I thought Coach Oden mentioned some other schools as well. I thought he said something about going out to Penn State?

"Oh yeah…Penn State. That's what I meant. Penn State. Sorry about that."

Are you still going to Michigan's summer camp?

No, I can't go to the summer camp, but I can just go up on an unofficial visit whenever I want.

Have you talked to Johnny Thompson lately?

"Yeah, he knows I'm coming!"

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