National Interest in Gibson Picking Up analyst Josh Clark caught up with Euclid Ohio linebacker Thaddeus Gibson recently for an update on his recruitment. Will it be a classic Michigan vs. Ohio State battle for this talented prospect's services?

Thaddeus Gibson is easily one of the top linebackers in the state of Ohio, but is also beginning to make his case as one of the premier linebackers, not only in the midwest, but perhaps even the nation.

"Right now, I'd say the programs I have the most interest in are Miami(FL), Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan, Boston College, West Virginia, and Iowa," said Gibson. "I'm still wide open, though, and I'm not ready to rule out anybody. I even got a call from USC, and they just talked to me about the nice weather, nice campus, and how you see stars walking around all the time like average citizens. Heck, the coach even said that American Idol was right down the street, but I more worried about academics right now."

Out of those schools mentioned, Gibson has received offers from all of them, except Miami(FL) and USC, in addition, to an offer he received from Purdue. The Hurricanes also made a call this month to let Gibson know of their interest.

"They didn't say anything about an offer, or where I stood on their board, but just said they have interest. They said they are very cautious in offering defensive players because of their prestige and the fact they want to maintain one of the nation's top defenses every year. They send guys from that side off the ball onto the NFL all the time," said Gibson.

Many may expect Gibson to make a decision between Ohio State and Michigan considering where he is from, and while he hasn't ruled that out, he says it is everybody's game right now.

"Ohio State is a great football school, and it is close to home so my family could see the majority of my games. I know my family wants me to go to Ohio State, but I just don't know right now without seeing other schools. I took a visit to Michigan earlier this spring, and I liked how compact the campus was in the fact everything was close together. The coaches there were real cool, and my recruiting coach even writes my mother. I'm interested in the both of them, but there is no telling where I'm going to go right now," stated Gibson.

He also gave a rundown of the other schools currently on his list.

"West Virginia was the first school to call me this month, and let me know all the additions they are making facility wise, and how the town is continually growing with new resturants and more entertainment. My outside linebacker coach here played at Alleghany(PA) for Iowa's Offensive Coordinator, Ken O'Keefe, who is the coach recruiting me, but they only stopped by my school. Wisconsin wanted me to attend their full-padded camp, but I heard the state of Ohio wouldn't allow me to, so I now I'll probably just take a visit there."

"I'd have to say the coach from Boston College was probably the most interesting coach I spoke to this month. He talked about where a degree from Boston College would put me in this world, and talked about where it ranked compared to other schools. One of our assitant coaches is working at their camp, and wants me to come along, so I may end up doing that," stated Gibson.

As of right now, Gibson's recruitment is a long way from being done.

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