Updated Jim S. National Rankings: Offense

Last week we brought you Michigan high school guru Jim S' national quarterback and running back rankings. Here, we bring you Jim's updated list of offensive line and wide receiver prospects as well. See where Michigan sits with some of the top players in the country as Jim also rates the likelihood of each ending up a Wolverine.

These are updated listings of the top junior football prospects in the nation. There have been substantial changes since my March listings. I have also added a couple of new features: 1) An offers list and 2) for the top prospects, a best guess list. I have tried to identify Michigan prospects and have singled them out as follows:

**** Michigan Best Guess List
*** Michigan heavily involved
** Michigan involved but more of a long shot

Those that missed the quarterback and running back updates that ran last week can click the respective links below.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the defensive rankings!

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