Work Ethic Paying Off for Alex Legion

Detroit Country Day junior-to-be Alex Legion has quickly established himself as one of the top prospects in the country for the class of 2007. His play thus far has turned a lot of heads and major colleges are already beating down his door. GoBlueWolverine caught up with Alex recently to find out how he feels his summer is going. We also spoke with the young man's godfather about guiding him in the right direction

Alex Legion feels he is the best player on the floor when he is playing. Although he will not say it, he definitely thinks and believes it. He usually defers those types of comments to his godfather, mentor and coach, Tim Green. Now Tim will tell you that, in his opinion, Alex is the best player in the country. While I may not agree with him, I can understand why he feels that way.

Alex has had an outstanding summer so far. He has played in most of the top tournaments in the country: The Tournament of Champions in North Carolina, Spiece in Indiana, The Kingwood Classic in Texas, and The Real Deal in Arkansas. In each of those tournaments he has had college coaches and high school hoop heads raving about his game. Alex can get any shot he wants on the floor. Midrange…check. Three point shot….check. Drive to the rack…check. Rebound, pass, and defend…check check check He has the tools to really be that special player that can turn your program around or help it stay on top, as evidenced by some of the storied programs that are interested. UCLA, Syracuse, Michigan State, UCONN, Michigan, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina and many more.

I had a chance to speak with Alex recently about his new teammates in high school, going up against Jimmy King at Michigan, his recent chat with Coach Amaker, and his grueling workouts with Stan Edwards (Braylon’s Dad).

How is your summer going so far?

"I started off well but I can do much better. I can improve on defense, moving without the ball, and my court awareness. Those are the things that I feel I should be working on to become a more complete player."

How are the workouts going with Stan Edwards, I hear you are getting a serious workout?

"Man, they are tough but I am managing to handle them a little better. I am bigger and more athletic. I can really see the results. What Mr. Edwards is helping me with will help me become better and more prepared when I get out on the floor to play."

You have two new teammates on your high school team 6’9 twins Charles and Phillip Tabet. Can you tell us about them?

"They are transfers from Brother Rice I had already known them from my AAU squad, the Michigan Hurricanes. Those are my guys! I room with them when we go to play in tournaments. We study together and hang out together. They are nice, good, and genuine people. Not fake at all. They are cool to be around. I feel like next year we will be the best team in the state."

What is your relationship with your high school coach Kurt Keener (head coach at Country Day)?

"We are cool. Me and coach talk almost everyday. He talks to me about school, basketball, and college. He has been talking to me a lot about what to expect from the colleges. Telling me about who called and he talks to me about questions to ask like the future of the team, the direction of the team just things like that."

You recently had a practice with your AAU squad up at Michigan and scrimmaged against some members of their team. What was that like?

"It was fun having a chance to see where you are in terms of playing against those guys. I thought we did pretty well."

You had a chance to go up against Jimmy King how did that go?

"I wanted to let Jimmy King know that the Fab Five were not the only guys that could hoop in Michigan (laughter). I had a good time talking trash and playing ball. It felt good to play against one of the Fab Five. I have heard and seen so much about them that I was just glad to get to play against Jimmy King. I am loyal to whoever I am with, so while I was up at Michigan I felt like I had to defend Chris Webber’s reputation coming from Country Day. So I tried to play well and I think I did that."

If there was one Fab Five member you could meet, who would it be?

"Chris Webber, of course, because he is a Yellow Jacket. Jalen Rose too. I liked the way he played. Those are the two that I would like to meet."

Did you make your way over to see Coach Amaker while you were in Ann Arbor?

"Yes I did. Coach Amaker is very nice and friendly. he seems like he is very approachable. Coach Amaker gave me some pointers about my game I was surprised that he had watched me game that closely this summer. He notices that I go left off the dribble even though I am right handed…little things like that. He is the only coach to talk to me like that. He has a lot of knowledge about the game of basketball. Also, he emphasized Michigan’s intangibles and about how the image is more than basketball. They're also about being a better person outside of basketball. He talked about there alumni base and the academic resources they have up there…as well as resources after basketball."

We will be talking to Alex a little later as he continues to light up the summer circuit. We also had a chance to talk to Tim Green about what they are looking for when Alex chooses a college.

"We are looking for a place where we can have an open and honest relationship with the coach. Alex needs to be mentored as a person and not just as a basketball player. Al should be where he will get the academic support he needs and where they care about him as a person. A place where there is major accountability for him as a student-athlete and for the staff that will accept him into their program. I feel he has major potential in and out of basketball, and I am looking for someone to nurture that. When he goes off to college, I can’t be around as often as I would like, so there needs to be things in place that he can lean on to lead him in the right direction. I think right now, Alex's game is right where it should be. I want him to stay
grounded. I don’t like him reading his pressing clippings and thinking he is better than he is. I want him to keep working at his game."

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