Brown Impressed With the Academic Side of Michigan

Columbus, Ind., defensive back Steve Brown traveled to Michigan Wednesday to learn more about the non-football side of things in Ann Arbor. Both Brown and his parents were very pleased with what they saw.

After spending the day in Ann Arbor Wednesday, the Wolverines strengthened their chances of landing Columbus, Ind., DB Steve Brown. The talented prospect was in town with his parents to learn more about what Michigan had to offer academically, and he definitely got what he came for. "It went pretty well," Brown said. "I really liked what I saw. I hung out with Coach Moeller…my recruiting coach, Coach English…my position coach, and I talked to Coach Carr twice. They set up a meeting with Shari, their academic counselor. They have a lot of things up there to help athletes succeed."

Brown found the program Michigan has in place for its athletes particularly impressive. The academic presentation made the trip even better than he anticipated. "It was probably more than I expected, which works out perfectly for me," Brown said about his time on campus. "I'm all right in school, but sometimes I slack behind. Up there, they leave no room for that…which I think will be good for me. It will help me do better in school. My parents liked everything. They were pleased too."

While academics were the theme of the visit, Brown did find time to talk a little football. One of the issues that was resolved had to do with what position he would play. Earlier this week he told GoBlueWolverine that Michigan was, "going back and forth between corner and safety." That, however, is no longer the case. "Coach English told me I would play safety," Brown said.

Even though Brown spent most of his day in the company of coaches, there was hardly any talk of him making a decision. Still, it was clear that he was wanted in Ann Arbor. "Lets just say they were all indirectly telling that that is where I should come," Brown said laughing. "I didn't commit though. I want to take a few visits this summer. I'm thinking I might go to Notre Dame next week if I can find the time to. I want to see how their side of things works. I told my mom about Virginia and we have family back there. Her side of the family is from that area, so we might do that."

Once the summer visits are out of the way, Brown just might be ready to make his choice. "I use to not have a timetable, but I'm going to sit down and talk with my family and see what they think is best for me," he said. "It probably would be better for me to get it done before the season started."

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