Parris Shines at Camps in Ann Arbor and South Bend

The summer camps at the Michigan and Notre Dame turned out to be proving grounds for Cleveland St. Ignatius wideout Rob Parris. The rangy receiver started the week with a goal of earning offers from both storied programs. By week's end he had met his objective. Does either school have a leg up?

"Both Michigan and Notre Dame are just eye-popping to me right now," said Cleveland St. Ignatius receiver Rob Parris in a conversation with analyst Allen Wallace last week. "We'll just see how both camps go, but that'll be where everything happens if it does."

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound Parris, accompanied by both his step-dad and teammate Rudy Kirbus, started his camping journey Wednesday in Ann Arbor. Once he arrived, things went exactly according to plan. "It went pretty well," Parris said of Michigan's camp. "When I got down there I didn't know how well I was going to do. At the end, it turned out I did extremely well. I worked with Coach Campbell the whole the day. The first part of the day we did our forties and stuff like that. Then the second part of the day he took me inside and I did a personal workout with him. Coach Carr was there too."

In between time with the coaches, Parris took the opportunity to catch up with a few old buddies. "I'm good friends with the Masseys (Mike and Pat, both of whom are St. Ignatius alums), so I got a chance to talk with them a little bit," he said. "They were down in the weight room so they introduced me to a bunch of players."

Later it became obvious to the talented wideout that the Wolverine coaching staff really liked what they saw in him. At the same time, his impressions of his Maize and Blue suitors could not have been any more positive. "I think Coach Campbell is a pretty cool dude," Parris said. "He was really straightforward with me. He told me the things that I need to work on. That was the first time I met Coach Carr. He seemed like a real nice guy. I got to talk to him a little bit later. At the end of camp I went into his office and he just told me he really liked me and he offered me a scholarship."

With half of his agenda then satisfied, the sure-handed receiver made his way to South Bend later in the week to complete it. "I went to Notre Dame on Saturday," Parris said. "That went pretty good too. I think I performed better at Michigan's camp, but I still did good at Notre Dame's." The Irish clearly thought so as well since an offer was waiting for him following his showing.

Now that he has earned the scholarship offers he set out for, the young man is truly torn. Choosing between the two prestigious programs won't be easy, especially since he has always held both in very high regard. "It's kind of weird because growing up my family was all about Notre Dame, but I've always been a big Michigan fan," he said. "So I kind of see it from both sides. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna choose between Michigan and Notre Dame. One factor will probably be where I'd get the best opportunity to play first. Also the place where I like the coaches and players I'm going to work with the most."

Parris has already taken a look at the wideout rotation at each school and has also discussed where he would fit in with the respective coaching staffs. The possibility of early playing time exists at both places, though it's a bit clearer cut at one. "I kind of know about both of them," Parris said regarding the depth charts. "I know Notre Dame's pretty well. I'm kind of familiar with Michigan's too. When I talked to Coach Carr, he said that he can't make any guarantees, but that I'd get the chance to play early on. Down at Notre Dame they told me that they expected me to come in as a freshman and be ready to play."

A quick decision had seemed like it'd be imminent if Parris actually received the offers, but now that he has them in hand his timetable is a bit up in the air. "Hopefully I'll make it by the end of the summer," he said. "I don't know how early though. It could be soon or it could be later. I don't know. It'll be when I'm comfortable with it. I might visit each school one more time, but I can't say for sure that I'm going to."

GoBlueWolverine will keep an eye on Parris' recruitment in the coming weeks.

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