Steve Brown in Recruiting Home Stretch

Columbus, Indiana DB Steve Brown recently took unofficial visits to Notre Dame and Purdue to explore the academics and talk football with the coaching staffs. Did the plan either school has in store for him move them up on his list?

A few weeks ago the Michigan Wolverines made their academic presentation to Columbus, Indiana DB Steve Brown, and the four-star prospect was extremely impressed with what the Maize and Blue had to offer. The other primary competitors for his services, Notre Dame and Purdue, got their chances to counter-punch last week. According to Brown, Notre Dame did a very good job of matching up.

"I went Purdue last Thursday and Notre Dame on Tuesday I think," Brown recalled. "I wasn't able to do all of the academic stuff at Purdue because all of their freshman players got there the same day I was there, so all of their academic counselors were with them. At Notre Dame they were able to take me around and let me meet a professor that would be in my area. I liked it a lot. I got there and I got to meet with Coach Lewis, the secondary coach, and he was showing me a few things. I got to meet with Coach Minter, the defensive coordinator, and he showed me a few things. After that I talked to Coach Weis, and then it was pretty much academics the rest of the day."

Though he was in South Bend to mainly find out more about the academic side of the university, the Irish staff did find the time to talk some football with the talented prospect. One factor they have repeatedly stressed with Brown is the availability of immediate playing time. "They talked about their depth chart with me whenever I was talking to Coach Lewis or Coach Minter," Brown said. "They said I would be able to start if everything went according to plan."

While the safety position is also one of need for the Wolverines, Brown indicated that it has been made clear that the path to playing time won't necessarily come easily. "They're saying that they have five safeties on scholarship right now, and that there will be five by the time I get in there," he said. "They have a few underclassmen there…and I think they said a senior that would be in my spot. But they said he hasn't really played too much. It's just pretty much about if I wanted to work for it. It depends on me whether I can go out there and start or whatever."

Brown admitted that the talk of a starting position waiting on him at Notre Dame does sound enticing. However, he also that that won't be the deciding factor in his choice. "It does sound more appealing," Brown said of the planned starting spot in South Bend, "but I know wherever you go you're going to have to compete. There is no clear-cut first place for me. It's pretty much a two school race right now. They both have everything I want. It's just going to be whatever school I feel most comfortable at. I'm probably going to make [my decision] before the season starts. I don't think I'll take any more visits."

GoBlueWolverine will have more from Brown in the coming weeks.

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