Michigan's Football Recruiting Needs

Michigan's football program is now looking at possible 16 scholarship openings for its '05-'06 recruiting class. How do those openings spread themselves across Michigan's recruiting needs? And are U-M's top recruits well-positioned to meet those needs? GoBlueWolverine breaks it down for you post-summer camp.

Quarterbacks: with the loss of Clayton Richard to baseball, U-M has only three scholarship QB's on its roster. With one QB commitment now (David Cone), U-M may well want a second if it's a Super.
--- Top QB recruits: Mitch Mustain (summer decision), Tim Tebow.

Running Backs: the need for a RB not great, but a Super or a combo RB/DB would be a good addition. A FB may also be added down the line.
--- Top RB recruits: DeMarco Murray (July 30 unofficial visit), Stafon Johnson, possibly Brandon Minor, possibly Scott Szpyrka.

Wideouts: it is assumed that U-M is looking for 1 or possibly 2 (if the second is a Super) WR's in this class.
--- Top WR recruits: Percy Harvin (possible summer unofficial visit; sister attends EMU), Rob Parris (summer decision between U-M and ND), Greg Mathews, Jamar Hornsby (Fla. the prohibitive leader); possibly Chris Bell, Andrey Baskin.

Tight Ends: one TE would be great, and Dedrick Epps, even though he did not commit at camp, would fit the bill.

Offensive Linemen: with U-M's top interior OL prospect in the fold as a commitment (Justin Boren), one or two huge OT's would be great.
--- Top OL recruits: OT Sam Young, OG/OT Steve Schilling, OT Bartley Webb, OT Jim Barrie; possibly OG Joe Thomas.

Defensive Linemen: one or two defensive ends would be good. Marques Slocum, it is assumed, will come in as a DT in this class as well.
--- Top DE recruits: Micah Johnson, Lamarr Houston JR., Jermaine Cunningham.

Linebackers: with two commitments in Brandon Graham and Quintin Patilla, a 3rd would be great -- hopefully Cobrani Mixon.

Defensive Backs: one CB, one S and one 'combo' kid would be great, but 2 CB's and 2 safeties would be fine as well.
--- Top safety recruits: Myron Rolle (early August decision), Taylor Mays (early August decision), Jonas Mouton (Sept. 10 official visit), Steve Brown (a combo S/CB guy; U-M and ND lead).
--- Top cornerback recruits: A.J. Wallace, Darrin Walls (U-M and ND lead), Antwine Perez (Sept. 3 official visit).

Bottom line: 2 QB's, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 3 OL's, 2 DL's (including Slocum), 3 LB's and 3 DB's totals 16, which is where U-M's scholarship total may be right now. So for U-M to have 4-going-on-5 commitments coming out of summer camp (QB Cone, OG/OC Boren, LB's Graham and Patilla with Mixon coming soon) is just about perfect. Also, notice that the safety position will clear up considerably in early August.

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