ABCD Camp Day 2

Updates on the performances of Kelvin Grady, Alex Legion, Tom Herzog, and a host of other new names on the Michigan target list. Grady's performance is turning a lot of heads.

-Kelvin Grady has continued his stellar play here at the camp and the crowd and other media members are really starting to take notice. His leadership and the way he is directing his team is refreshing considering the way some of the point guards are playing. He has gotten his teammates involved and his squad has started to believe in him. There are 180 players at ABCD and Grady is third overall in assists with 4.5 and third overall in steals with 2.3. “I’m just here to play,” Grady said. “I am just having fun.” That’s exactly what his dad, Kevin Grady Sr. told him to do heading before he boarded the plane to New Jersey. In a conversation with GoBlueWolverine yesterday, the elder Grady said he instructed his son to go out and play HIS game. “I told him not to get caught up in all of that individual stuff,” Grady Sr. said. “The game is not all about scoring points and taking shots…and as a point guard, that’s not really his job anyway. He understands that there is more to running a team than that.” It’s clear that that is not the only thing young Grady understands. He also understands the importance of playing both ends and has stood out as one of the top defensive guards in the camp. When his squad matched up with a team featuring Sylven Lansberg, a point guard from the class of 2008 that had been doing very well, Grady immediately went over to him and told his teammates, ‘hey, I’ve got him.’ The young man delivered. Lansberg was slowed down.

-Dar Tucker is starting to warm up. During the first session he was just ok, but when he went up against Daequan Cook, he really stepped his game up. The Saginaw native more than held his own against the future Buckeye. Tucker had an array of threes and capped them off with a few ferocious dunks. Once his teammates started to give him the rock, he answered the bell. Look for him to attempt to do the same in a big time match up with another big time adversary today in Bill Walker, the #5 player in the class of 2007.

-Tom Herzog is still not getting as many shots as he should. At the end of last night’s games he was getting 4.3 shots per game and 1.3 makes. He had a really tough game against Derrick Caracter. The 6-9 270-pounder was a lot deal with. He can take it outside and hit the jumper or go inside and back his opponent down. He had both skills on display during the game. At one point Herzog blocked Caracter’s shot, but the big man got it back, and went up and dunked anyway. Even with that tough outing, Herzog is still tied with Caracter as the leading shot blocker at the camp with 2.3 per game.

-Alex Legion is coming along ok. He is starting to get more looks, but the shots haven’t quite started to fall yet. He is now getting 10 attempts and nine points per game, while shooting 40% from the field.

-Detroit Country Day’s Omar Thomas is really playing well. His hustle has resulted in a number of rebounds and easy buckets. He has also done a great job running the floor. The young man is really happy he made it to the camp and with his performance feels like that he has shown that he belongs on the same floor with the other guys in attendance. At leas one college program in attendance feels the same way, as Oklahoma State got word to Thomas that they were offering him a scholarship.

-Keenan Ellis has his hands full with west coast big man Kevin Love. Neither Ellis nor teammate Cole Aldrich could slow Love down, as he outscored the duo 25 to nine and out-rebounded them eight to six. As for Ellis’ games overall, he is a kid that wants to be versatile and take advantage of his ability away from the basket. He has more a small-forward’s game at this point in time. As he gets stronger, he should feel more comfortable in the post. Ellis confirmed again yesterday that Michigan is one of the schools that he is definitely looking at.

-Another new name on the Michigan 2006 target list is 6-9, 214 power forward Ekpe Udoh. The Edmund, Oklahoma product runs the floor well, can shoot the eight to ten foot jump shot, and can finish around the basket. He is further along offensively than Johnny Lett, whose name we mentioned yesterday. Udoh is also a very good rebounder and shot blocker. He is currently sixth in camp in rebounds with 6.8 per game, and sixth in blocks, with 1.8 per game. GoBlueWolverine will chat with Udoh today.

-Johnny Lett was again active down in the low post and has gotten more shots but his jump hook is not falling. Defensively, he moves his feet and gets in front of his man, but sometimes his ultra-aggressiveness works against him. The number of fouls he has picked up is a clear indication of that.

-As we mentioned yesterday, Willie Walker is a very solid point guard. He can get his teammates involved, but can also get to the basket and score. He a little like a right handed Jerret Smith, but with a better jumpshot. His teammates seem to really like him. He is a very outgoing young man and player.

-Matt Shaw has not been able to get on track as of yet. GoBlueWolverine will be watching him today to see if he can shake out of his funk.

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