Nike Camp Interviews: Deshawn Sims

The Detroit forward discusses his favorites, his decision timetable, and the important people in his life that are helping him along the way.

When will you announce your upcoming decision?

“Probably in late November. I’ll take a couple of visits, I’m not sure where to. I want to take two visits in September before I really make my decision and am clear about it. I’m not sure where. It depends on my recruitment and how it goes the rest of the summer. Maybe I won’t take those visits.”

Your decision date has switched a lot. Is November a definite date or is it going to be when you feel it?

“It’s just going to be when I feel it. You got to go by the feeling with almost everything nowadays. No later than November and no earlier than the end of September.”

What are the main factors in your decision?

“Being comfortable. When I make the decision, I don’t want to say I should have went here or there. I want to know. So I want to be comfortable.”

What are your list favorites?

“Probably the same schools. Michigan, Michigan State, Syracuse. Favorite schools…I can only go by what I know. If I haven’t taken a visit to the school…I can’t really be choosing too many schools and I can’t just go by the basketball aspect. I haven’t done my research on a lot of schools because I’ve been trying to get my mind right. I haven’t been paying attention to a lot of schools. I know schools other than Michigan, Michigan State and Syracuse are recruiting me but it’s a process. I still have time to see my options. I don’t want to put all my marbles in one basket because then I might second guess myself. That’s why I’m going to wait. If I aint sure by then, I don’t know if I’m ever going to be sure.”

Have you gone on any unofficial visits?

“Up to Syracuse. Michigan and Michigan State all of the time. Those are like my unofficial visits…the ones I always go on.”

What stood out about your visits to Michigan and Michigan State?

“Being able to walk around both campuses. I know a lot about the schools basketball wise. I got to see other things besides basketball by walking around the campuses and hanging out with the coaches.”

Syracuse seems to be the only out of state school on your list. Where do they fit in?

“I like the tradition. I think would be comfortable at Syracuse because I would be surrounded by the right people.”

Do you favor any one school over the other?

“I don’t have a leader, but I like the in-state schools because that’s home.”

Michigan seemed to be the strongest in the race. Have they done anything to hurt themselves in your recruiting?

“If I let little things determine how I feel about a school, I’d never feel nothing about a school. I’ll love Michigan even if I don’t go there. I’ll always love State even if I don’t go to State. I appreciate all the schools recruiting me.”

How has the camp been going for you?

“It’s been kind of rough because I don’t think I’ve been playing to well. Everything hasn’t been going how I want it to go. Before this started, I had high expectations. I haven’t reached a lot of things I set out to reach, but it’s all cool. I still have a lot of time to do some of the things I wanted to do.”

Where do you think you’ve fallen short?

“Effort probably. Not putting it all out there sometimes and then thinking about it afterwards. If I did it in the beginning, maybe I wouldn’t have to think about it afterwards. But it happens a lot for me…inconsistency.”

Did you have something to prove to coaches at this camp?

“I don’t really have too much to prove. I just want to play. If I haven’t had an effect on college coaches by now, then I don’t think the ones I’ve had an effect on…I appreciate them for recruiting me. They see something in me that I see in myself.”

What are you brining to the table for your final year in high school that you didn’t have last year?

“Effort and consistency. I’ve been working my mental. Tour mind works before your physical anyway, so I figure once I get my mind right I’ll be a better play.”

How’s your team looking?

“We’re young, but everybody is young so we can’t blame that. I hope we pull everything together by the time the season starts. We haven’t been in the gym and we look very decent. By the time we get in the gym and spend all of those long hard hours working…I think we’ll be much better. We have a great coach and a great coach builds a great team.”

What was it like to work out with Stan Edwards?

“Stan is a tough guy. It has been hard to catch him and work out with him because of some of the things Braylon has been doing and some of the things I’ve been doing. He is a tough guy and he won’t let you quit. You can see why his son is so good. He had a father to push him. He’ll push you to the max. He won’t let you quit. That’s the only way to do it…doing everything to the fullest.”

Do you think you’ll go back?

“Oh yeah. He helped me a lot. Taught me a lot.”

Talk about working out with Jalen Rose.

“J – Rose (smiling). That’s probably the hardest thing I ever did because he never stopped talking to me. He never stops telling me the right thing. Him, my high school coach, and my AAU coach always tell me the right things, and it’s hard to take it all in sometimes. You know it’s right and you know that when you get tired sometimes they want you to push more. Jalen tells you the truth. Young people really don’t like hearing the truth. If someone cares about you enough to tell you the truth or critique you, you have to respect them.”

Talk about the impact Coach Cooper (his middle school coach) has had on your life.

“My father was very into my life before he left me. Coach Cooper probably did ten times more than my father did for me…and my dad did a lot for me. Coach Cooper probably did ten times more. He looked out for me more and gave me more advice than any person in my life. That’s always going to be a guy…that’s like one of the most special guys in my life. And now he is trying to bring my brother along. He got to me, so I know he can get to him. I think he is the only person that can get through to my brother. A lot of people think because he was a middle school coach that he doesn’t know what he is talking about, but Coach Cooper is wise. He is probably the wisest man I’ve ever met. He did a lot for me. He gives me a lot of advice and he won’t steer me wrong.”

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