ABCD Interviews: Ekpe Udoh

While at the ABCD camp in Teaneck New Jersey,'s Andre Barthwell had the chance to speak with one of the newer names on Michigan's 06-target list...Oklahoma forward Ekpe Udoh. The active big man, who played well despite a painful shoulder injury, gave the latest on where the Maize and Blue stands in his recruitment.

Ekpe Udoh set out this summer with a goal of gaining more exposure. His showing at last week's ABCD camp was a nice step in that direction. At 6-9, 214 pounds, Udoh is a power forward with some small forward in his game. He can step out and hit the 12-footer, drive to the basket and score, and can also deliver in the post with his turnaround jumper. At this point in time, though, he is a more accomplished defensive player with a reputations as a good shot-blocker and rebounder..

One issue that has been limiting his play and progress for the better part of a year is a shoulder injury that he suffered prior to the start of his high school season. After dislocating it prior to the start of his junior campaign, he opted to play through the pain with the aid of a brace. He was still playing in pain at the camp, but still managed to play very hard and left everything on the court. Udoh plans to have surgery in August or September to correct the problem, after which he expects to return to form.

GoBlueWolverine caught up with Epke in Teaneck and spoke briefly with him about his game and the favorites on his list at this point.

Do you like the way you are playing so far?

"I am playing decent. I hurt my shoulder out there and I don't know how that is going to affect my play. But I am going to try my best."

What do you see you need to work on in your game? I noticed you can put it on the floor and shoot the jumper

"I am trying to do better with working at that three spot (small forward). I have been working on my dribbling since I was a kid. I was not always this tall. I grew a lot, and the people from my neighborhood always told me not to lose my handles. I just continue to work on my game to get better."

Who are some of the programs that you are interested in right now?

"UNC-Charlotte, Michigan. Actually Michigan first, then UNC-Charlotte, and Southwest Missouri State. I just wanted to see what I did in July before I made my college decision."

I noticed you said Michigan first. Are they your leader right now?

"Yes they are they leader right now I really like them."

What would stop you from going there if they offered?

"The playing time when I get there and if I had to sit out. Just those things."

Have you had a chance to talk to the coaches about playing time?

"A little bit. We touched base on it they said if I worked really hard and got bigger in the weight room and got stronger that it would be o.k."

Coach Amaker was here watching you today. How do you feel about that?

"Well, I didn't give him too much to be happy about. I really appreciate him coming to watch me. I am going to try to put on a show for him next time so he can be happy. "

GoBlueWolverine will have much more on Udoh in the coming weeks.

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