ABCD interviews: Kelvin Grady

GoBlueWolverine's Andre Barthwell spoke with East Grand Rapids point guard Kelvin Grady while in Teaneck new Jersey, and the young floor general shed light on his playing style and his feelings about the Wolverines.

At 5-11, 170 pounds, Kelvin Grady is the consummate point guard. He is a leader and has everything you want in a floor general. He sees the floor well, is solid at distributing the ball, and can stick the outside jumper. He can also get to the rack consistently and is always helping direct his teammates on the floor. Defensively, he is even better. The ball pressure he applies is nothing short of stifling.

GoBlueWolverine chatted with the modest young man at the ABCD camp, and he opened up a bit about what he tries to do on the court.

How do you want to make your mark here at the camp?

"By distributing the ball and becoming a true point guard against some of the best players in the country."

It seems like your teammates really believe in what you are doing on the court with the way they are responding to you. Do you feel that way also?

"Yeah I feel that way. I try to establish a relationship with them on and off court and get to know them a little better so it is easier to play when we are on the court."

Coach Amaker was in the stands today watching you. What are your thoughts on that?

"I feel great about it. The University of Michigan is a great school and coach Amaker is a great guy. Actually, Michigan is a university that I am maybe looking forward to going to in the future."

When you say you are looking forward to going there, have they spoken to you about it? Have you had conversations with them?

"Scholarship wise… no, we haven't really talked about it. But I can tell that they have made it really obvious that they would really like me at their school. I am really interested in going there. It's just a matter of time with me getting stronger and working on my game. Hopefully the opportunity will open up for me."

Can you tell me some of the players that you are impressed with at the camp?

"Bill Walker and O.J. Mayo…you really have to give them their props. My guys Alex Legion and Dar Tucker, they are really coming out. Tom Herzog he is really coming out as well. William Walker is also a player I really like. I like the way he plays the point guard position."

I know it is hard for you to talk about yourself and your game, but how do you think you've done at the camp?

"I have just kind of been playing. I've been busting my butt trying to make something work for me while also getting my teammates involved in the game. I am trying work on a couple of things in my game and improve."

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