Jason Forcier's Journey to Michigan: The Beginning

While going through the recruiting journey, most of the attention is focused on the player. However, the families are affected as well. In the upcoming issue of GoBlueWolverine, the Magazine, we highlight the stories of two families as they support their star athletes during the process. This week we will bring you excerpts from one family, the Forciers, as they tell the story of their quarterback son Jason.

Jason Forcier of San Diego, Calif., has been a top athlete is entire life. His father Mike is from the Detroit area and the family has always been Michigan fans. With Jason at Michigan, and rising junior Chris beginning his own recruiting journey, and freshman Tate in the wings, the Forciers have been kind enough to share a portion of their story with GoBlueWolverine.com.

"After a Pop Warner football game, we'd go to a sports restaurant like Trophy's to watch Michigan play," Mike Foricer said. "All three boys would be in their football gear lined up smallest to tallest, like good little soldiers. They were just six, eight and 10-years-old. The crowd at Trophy's restaurant loved them. Jason would always take Michigan football and sports to the heart. Ever since he was little, I can remember playing with him regarding what he would do if Michigan needed him today in a game? Or we would ask him; 'Are you ready to go in if Michigan needs you today?' His eyes would light up, his face would get a big smile. 'Do you love Michigan, Jason?'

"Most of the time he'd already be in his football pads and we'd ask. 'If the defense keeps getting to the Michigan QB, you're going to have to get in there Jason,' and he'd looked over at me and tell me with a little uncertainty and say, 'You can't do that, they're too far away.' We'd tell him its Michigan magic, and of course kids love magic being innocent combined with his love for Michigan football. He'd get excited with the possibility.

"If Michigan started to lose we'd keep telling him to get ready, you're going in - this would also keep him from getting down. We used to get him so excited, he would be on the end of his seat ready to go in, like our little wiener dog ready to go for a walk, until all of a sudden I'd push him on the back. 'Get in there Jason! Help Michigan! Don't let them get to you!' It was fun for all of us. Week after week we'd go through different versions of this ritual, but it was fun each time. Jason's been ready to play QB for Michigan since he was five, at least in his mind."

Next, Jason's mom, Suzanne, shares her part of the journey.

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