Is an Early Decision on Tap for Darrin Walls?

Woodland Hills (PA) defensive back Darrin Walls has a firm top three schools currently. Could the talented Keystone state prospect be on the verge of making a decision?

The school list for Woodland Hills (PA) defensive back Darrin Walls hasn't changed much in the past few months. In a recent conversation with GoBlueWolverine he indicated that his top three remained Michigan, Notre Dame, and Florida and that he is in the process of arranging visits. "I've set up an official visit for Florida September 17th," Walls said. "I'll also visit Notre Dame and Michigan for sure. I'll probably set them up this week or next week. I think I'm going to the Notre Dame/USC game. I'm not sure which Michigan game I'll go to. I wanted to go to the Ohio State game, but that will be too late because I want to make my decision before that."

With camps and workouts filling up his summer schedule, Walls hasn't had much time to converse with college recruiters. However, with three-a-days at Woodland Hills quickly approaching, that will soon change. "I haven't talked to coaches much lately," he said. "I talked to Florida to set up my official visit. That's about it. The DB coach at Florida, I forget his name, but I haven't had too much conversation with him…so I don't have a good communication thing with him yet. I used to talk to Coach English a lot and our connection is pretty good. It is with Notre Dame too. I've just basically been busy lately. I haven't had the chance to get around to calling them, but I will call them within the next week before I go to camp."

One of the calls Walls makes may to be to inform one of the aforementioned coaches that he intends on making a soft commitment. Though he had mentioned in the past that he would not come to a decision until midseason, the chance he might get hurt in his last year of high school football has him thinking seriously about speeding up that timetable. "I was thinking about making a decision before I go to camp August 7th because anything could happen such as injuries," said Walls. "I might just want to get it out of the way before I go to camp. Then I'd take my officials to see if that's where I really wanted to go. It's a possibility that I might do that, but there's also a possibility that I might not."

One discerning factor for the Irish seemed to be the wealth of playing time they have available. However, after examining things more closely Walls has discovered opportunities to see the field at all three schools. "There's a possibility that I could come in and play right away at any of the three schools at the top," he said. "I looked at the depth charts of all three and there's a good chance I can come in and play at all three."

Whenever the western Pennsylvania star comes to a decision, the defensive backs coach at the school in question will weigh heavily in his choice. As he has mentioned before, he has already established good relationships with the respective coaches at Michigan and Notre Dame. "Coach Lewis at Notre Dame is kind of a laid back guy," Walls said. "He is the opposite of Coach English actually. He is laid back and he had been in the NFL for a while. That's why I like him. Coach English has put a lot of DB's into the NFL over the past couple of years and he's a nice guy too."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Walls in the coming weeks.

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