Steve Brown, the Newest Blue, Explains All

GoBlueWolverine's Bret Osburn was at the press conference yesterday of Michigan's newest commitment, Ind. DB Steve Brown. Brown explains in detail to Brett why he picked Michigan over Notre Dame. And Brown's father and head coach talk also about Steven as a player, and about the recruiting process. Brett also took photos of the event.

Steve Brown:

What was it that made you realize that it was Michigan?

"It was just the place I feel most comfortable with. When I was up there or when I'd sit at home and talk to my dad and I'd talk to my mom, or I would just sit there and think while I talked to my girlfriend and friends. When I'd look at other schools, I could see myself playing at Notre Dame, but I couldn't see myself playing against Michigan. I've grown up a Michigan fan all my life."

When did you come to your final decision?

"I think I called Coach Carr on Wednesday or Thursday and told him that I was committing."

Have you met any other recruits?

"I was at the Nike Camp when they were there, but I didn't get to talk to them. They're trying to get two or three safeties."

The outlook for his senior year:

"In high school I'm going to play tailback, fullback, receiver, wherever they need me on offense, and safety on defense."

Steve's Father:

Your thoughts on the recruiting process:

"It was a lot of phone calls from coaches and what not. It was exciting to get phone calls from Jim Tressel and coaches from Notre Dame and Michigan. Sitting in the office and talking to those guys was a good experience, even for the parents."

Is it a relief to have it over with?

"I think it's more of a relief for Steve to get it over with and concentrate on football and going back to school his senior year."

Was there pressure in the community?

"No, well a lot of people would mention if they really liked Notre Dame or Ohio State or even Indiana. Everybody had their choice, but in the end it really didn't factor in much."

Steve's Head Coach

Describe Steve as a player:

"I think Stevie's best attributes are his flexibility. I mean, what we've been able to do with him is that last year he obviously played defense. On offense we moved him around all different places. He was a running back, he was an inside receiver, he was a wide receiver, he returned kicks, he returned punts, so he can just do a little bit of everything. This year he'll carry the ball a little bit more."

"Last year, every fifth time he touched the ball he scored."

"And this fall we're moving him from safety to corner."

On Brown's biggest adjustment to make at the college level:

"What we've told him the whole recruiting process is that as his skills became more elite, he needs to understand that there will be the best athletes in the country all around. If you go to someplace like Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Purdue even, everybody is pretty good. It's the competition level in practice. It's something he'll have to adjust to, but he will. He's got that kind of talent."

How or when did you realize how special he was?

"Well, everybody that saw him on tape and met him in person offered him a scholarship!"

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