Will Football Recruiting Needs Be Met?

Michigan has six verbal commitments now, on the way to an '05-'06 recruiting class of 16-18 members. Here are the recruiting needs, and the commitments and recruits who will hopefully meet those needs.

The need: with the loss of Clayton Richard to baseball, U-M has only three scholarship QB's on its roster. With one QB commitment now, U-M may well want a second if it's a Super.
--- Commitment: David Cone.
--- Recruits: Tim Tebow, Scout.com's #35 prospect.

Wide Receivers
The need: With Mario Manningham, Laterral Savoy and Antonio Bass as incoming freshman, it is assumed that U-M is looking for 1 or possibly 2 more WR's in this class.
--- Recruits: Percy Harvin (Scout.com's #7 prospect), Jamar Hornsby (Scout.com's #17 prospect), Chris Slaughter (Scout.com's #30 Southeast prospect), Andrey Baskin (Scout.com's #32 Southeast prospect).

Running Backs
The need: not great, but a Super or a combo RB/DB would be a good addition. A FB may also be added down the line.
--- Recruits: Stafon Johnson (Scout.com's #16 prospect), C.J. Spiller (Scout.com's #19 prospect), DeMarco Murray (Scout.com's #40 prospect), Brandon Minor (Scout.com's #35 East prospect), FB Scott Szpyrka.

Tight Ends
The need: one
--- Recruits: Dedrick Epps (Scout.com's #38 East prospect), Will Yeatman, Marcus Anthony.

Offensive Linemen
The need: One interior guy (Boren), one or maybe two great tackles.
--- Commitment: Justin Boren (Scout.com's #28 prospect).
--- Recruits: Sam Young (Scout.com's #9 prospect), Butch Lewis (Scout.com's #59 prospect), Daron Rose (underrated as Scout.com's #42 Southeast prospect), Jim Barrie.

Defensive Linemen
The need: 1? or 2? … mainly DE types.
--- Recruits: Micah Johnson (Scout.com's #10 prospect), Lamarr Houston Jr. (Scout.com's #4 Midlands prospect), Adam Patterson (Scout.com's #33 East prospect), Jermaine Cunningham (Scout.com's #33 Southeast prospect).

The need: U-M has three LB commitments now in Brandon Graham, Quintin Patilla, Cobrani Mixon; a 4th LB in this class is not out of the question.
--- Commitments: Brandon Graham (Scout.com's #12 prospect), Cobrani Mixon (Scout.com's #84 prospect), OLB Quintin Patilla (Scout.com's #78 Midwest prospect).
--- Recruits: Micah Johnson (Scout.com's #10 prospect), Joshua Tatum (Scout.com's #24 prospect), Jeremiha Hunter (Scout.com's #95 prospect), Toryan Smith (Scout.com's #91 Southeast prospect).

Defensive Backs
The need: with the loss of Marlin Jackson, Ernest Shazor and Markus Curry and the incoming addition of Johnny Sears, Chris Richards and Brandon Harrison, U-M is looking for two or even three safeties for its '05-06 recruiting class, and one or even two cornerbacks as well.
--- Commitment: S/CB Steve Brown (Scout.com's #92 prospect)
--- Recruits: S Myron Rolle (Scout.com's #1 prospect), S Taylor Mays (Scout.com's #15 prospect), S/CB Antwine Perez (Scout.com's #41 prospect), S Jonas Mouton (Scout.com's #42 prospect), CB Devin Ross (Scout.com's #49 prospect), CB Darrin Walls (Scout.com's #78 prospect), CB A.J. Wallace (Scout.com's #44 East prospect), S Reshad Jones (Scout.com's #50 Southeast prospect).

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