Three Schools Still on Top for Antwine Perez

The safety position is the topic of the week for Michigan fans. Three players, three schools, with two in common for the lot. spoke Thursday with five star standout Antwine Perez of Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden, N.J. The possibility of attending school with one of other three stars carries significant interest.

Safety, safety, safety. That is the hot topic among the Michigan faithful in the recent days and weeks ahead. With the recent commitment of Steve Brown, and the impending announcement of Taylor Mays, the question of how Mays' decision will affect the others is at the forefront of message board chatter.

One top player at the position, Antwine Perez of Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden N.J., would also like to make an early season decision. He has maintained he would visit his three top schools - Michigan on Sept. 2, USC on Sept. 17, and LSU on Sept. 24 - and make a decision shortly after. The Mays decision holds some interest for the talented defensive player. "I know about Mays and would like to talk to him," Perez said. "I'd love to go to the same school as him. From what I've heard he's really good."

The highly touted players, including Jonas Mouton of Venice, Calif., High School, have two common schools in their top three - Michigan and USC. Will Mays's decision have an affect on Perez's choice? "I need to take my visits first and see how I like the schools," he said. "I've never been to any of them so I don't know what each place is like."

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound Perez is the No. 3 ranked safety in the country according to He said none of the three on his list stand out at the moment. "I talk to the coaches from each school once a week," he said. "I know each school is light at my position. I talked to coach English (Thursday), he asked how I was doing. He's told me before Michigan will take two or three safeties.

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