Safety Jonas Mouton: Feeling His Way

Los Angeles safety Jonas Mouton (6-2, 208, 4.6) denies that he's set on a top five but acknowledges that Nebraska and Michigan will surely be in the running and USC is also in a strong position. The youngster from Venice High School has set up official trips with the Cornhuskers (9/3--opener vs Maine) and the Wolverines (9/10--Notre Dame game).

"As far as Nebraska goes, I like the coaching staff, their position depth and their history. I'm being recruited by John Blake," said Jonas Mouton. "He's a good guy both on and off the field and he's spiritual and a church-goin' man. I was raised a Catholic and I go to church too.

"Ron English is recruiting me for Michigan. He would also be my position coach. He's honest and up-front and he puts players into the NFL. They have a great history too. I'd say Michigan gets in touch with me the most with text messages but all the schools that have offered me are recruiting me about the same. The coaches can't call us yet so there's only so much they can send you.

"I like coach Greg Burns at USC a lot too because of his coaching style. He doesn't yell much and he's not too aggressive. He's a good guy who spends his time coaching, not yelling. I've been to USC so many times I'm not sure if I'll officially visit there or not," he said. "I know a lot of guys on the team already.

"I hear Taylor Mays (Seattle safety) is going there. That won't affect me. Just because he's going there doesn't mean he's got the position, and you need two safeties anyway. Everyone has to compete. Schools want me for both safety positions and I'll play both but I rather play strong because I have more experience there and it brings you up closer to the ball from that spot.

"LSU is another school that I might officially visit. I was raised in Louisiana, in a small town called Kaplan, about two hours or so from Baton Rouge. I've lived in L.A. since I was nine or ten, though.

"I'm not sure if I really want to leave California or not. I've never been to Michigan or Nebraska before. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I don't have a feeling about where I'll go yet. I can't even begin to talk about a leader until I narrow down a top five and Nebraska, Michigan and USC would be three in that group," concluded Mouton. "I don't have a timetable."

2.6 GPA/June 11 SAT unreported--"I don't know if I'll retake it or not."

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