Epke Udoh Coming Along Fine After Surgery

Epke Udoh's summer has been interesting. He has played pretty well in the camps and the tournaments in which he has participated despite a torn muscle in his shoulder. The Oklahoma forward's toughness was on display when he played through the pain in these games. GoBlueWolverine had a chance to talk to Epke about his surgery, his rehab, and the final short list of schools he is looking at.

Ekpe Udoh Profile Ekpe when was your surgery?

I had my surgery on Friday, August 5, 2005.

Can you tell us about the surgery?

I had a torn muscle in my shoulder that had to be re-attached. It was a very bad tear. The operation lasted about one and a half hours.

Is there a time table for when you should start to rehab your shoulder?

Right now I am in a little pain so the timetable for me to start would be September 14 and then I should be finished in 6 weeks. I should be out of my sling by then. It is very uncomfortable for me to sleep right now; I have to sleep in a recliner just so I can get some sleep. I am getting about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night.

When are you coming to visit Michigan?

I will be up there on September 3, for the football game. I can't wait to see a football game in the Big House. I will probably see the players also at that time.

Do you have a list of schools that you are looking at?

I have cut my list down so there are just two schools now, and that is Michigan and Pittsburgh. Michigan has the slight edge right now.

What will be the determining factor in your decision to pick a university to attend?

I will be watching both schools closely on TV; you know on ESPN. I would like to see who is having a good season, the TV exposure is important and also playing time.

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