Chris Wright Tight With Mom, Michigan

Rising Junior hoopster Chris Wright and his mom are very tight; nothing will happen with out her being involved. So when GBW called the Wright house we asked to speak with her, then we also spoke with Chris.

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What I found is a mother who is very protective of her son, a mother who cares about his past, present and future, and a mother who doesn't allow her son too many interviews, if any at all. What I learned most, is a parent who will not allow any college to short change her son on, academics, responsibility and his overall welfare. I spoke with Chris and his mom Ernestine Grigsby there future.

I understand that you and Chris made it up to Michigan.

Yeah we were up there back on June 29th for about half a day. Chris has been up there a couple of times already. The school was nice. The only bad part was it rained while we were there and I didn't get to see everything. We will be going back up there though.

Where is Michigan at compared with the other schools?

They are right there in the mix. He likes Coach Tommy Amaker and Coach Mike Jackson a lot.

How will you all decide about the college he will attend?

We are trying to narrow the schools down so he can start choosing a college. The unofficial visit tells me a lot about the school. Coach Ike, his coach, my brother and my oldest son will help out with the decision making process. I want to know who is going to be taking care of my child; that is very important to me.

Is it important how close the college is?

It is very important how close the school is I will be going to see him play. It will play a big part in that.

Can you tell me the schools that started recruiting Chris first?

Well, it was Dayton, Michigan and Xavier. I remember when we were in Centerville at an open gym and coach Amaker was there trying to figure who was that freshman that was playing so well. That was when (Michigan Assistant) Coach Mike Jackson was still with Dayton. Back then Coach Andy Moore was calling for Michigan.

How do you feel about Coach Tommy Amaker?

Coach Amaker is for real. I like to sit back and observe when others are talking. You know when someone is talking to you and they are fake or real and I felt that Coach Amaker was real.

What are your thoughts on Coach Mike Jackson. You two seem to have a really good relationship?

I like Coach Mike Jackson; he is the one who built up our trust when he was at Dayton. Now he is rebuilding that trust at Michigan. Whether we choose Michigan or not, Coach Jackson will be the first to know before we do anything.

What do you want for your son in this process?

I don't want Chris to get lost in the shuffle or in the classroom. I want him to have tutors and the resources to do well once he gets to college.


Next I talked to Chris. Chris how has your summer gone for you so far?

Fine, so far. My team didn't win the nationals. I was a little disappointed in that. Overall I was happy with the way I played. I need to work on my ball handling and playing away from the basket more.

Are you working to improve you game?

Yes, I am shooting about 700 to 1000 jump shots and 100 free throws a day. I really would like to improve my game.

Are there players that you have seen that you like their games?

Yeah. Derrick Rose, plus I like O.J. Mayo's game and Bill Walker's game. I also like Raymar Morgan's game and Daequen Cook's game -- he is from my area so I have to give it up to him.

On a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being bad and 5 being good how much do you like Michigan?

They are a 5. They are up at the top; they were one of the first teams to recruit me.

What do you think of Coach Tommy Amaker?

Coach Amaker is funny; he is really down to earth. Coach tells you what you need to work on. He talks about what I need to do. He is just a really nice guy.

What is your relationship like with Coach Mike Jackson?

It's a little brother/big brother type of relationship. We talked a lot when he was at Dayton. We talk now about basketball and life. I really like Coach Jackson.

When you make your decision to choose a college what will be important to you?

Academics, the people, the home environment and the fans. I don't like fair weather fans. If you are with us, stay with us if we win or lose.

What are your goals this year academically and basketball wise?

To not get any less than a 3.5 GPA for the year. As far as basketball, I need to be a leader. In the past I have been the youngest in terms of experience and now I have the most experience. So I would like to show the way for the younger guys this year.

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