Michigan Unofficial Depth Chart: Offensive Line

With the end of 'Fall Camp' coming in a couple days and an official Michigan Depth Chart forthcoming, it's a good time for GoBlueWolverine to look at how the depth chart may end up. We'll start with the most unsettled position group, the offensive line.

Right Tackle
77 Jake Long 6-7 338 Jr./So.
76 Mike Kolodziej 6-7 328 Sr./Jr.
73 Alex Mitchell 6-5 319 So./Fr.
or 72 Rueben Riley 6-3 304 Sr./Jr.
71 Mark Ortmann 6-6 290 Fr./Fr.
Note: behind Jake Long, Mike Kolodziej would get the first shot, and he has several years of practice experience now as well as having finally gotten big/strong enough to play the position (however, one cannot expect there to be no drop-off from Long to Kolo). Putting Alex Mitchell and Ruben Riley behind Kolodziej is a guess -- see more below.

Left Tackle
79 Adam Stenavich 6-5 317 5th/Sr.
76 Mike Kolodziej 6-7 328 Sr./Jr.
73 Alex Mitchell 6-5 319 So./Fr.
74 Brett Gallimore 6-4 304 So./Fr.
75 Cory Zirbel 6-6 292 Fr./Fr.
62 Tim McAvoy 6-6 270 Fr./Fr.
Note: Kolodziej is behind Stenavich as well -- if Mike has to slide to RT ... well, we have placed Alex Mitchell here as well.

Right Guard
67 Matt Lentz 6-6 305 5th/Sr.
70 Jeremy Ciulla 6-4 305 So./Fr.
60 David Moosman 6-3 260 Fr./Fr.
78 Justin Schifano 6-5 302 Fr./Fr.
Note: one position that seems set; however, Ciulla is still growing in size/strength as well as experience.

Left Guard
65 Leo Henige 6-4 339 5th/Sr.
or 72 Rueben Riley 6-3 304 Sr./Jr.
73 Alex Mitchell 6-5 319 So./Fr.
64 Grant DeBenedictis 6-4 308 So./Fr.
Note: if Henige's knees can hold up it would REALLY help. Alex Mitchell has been practicing all spring/fall at this position.

72 Ruben Riley 6-3 304 Sr./Jr.
or 57 Adam Kraus 6-6 311 Jr./So.
54 Mark Bihl 6-4 297 Sr./Jr.
68 Pat Sharrow 6-4 301 Jr./So.
Note: this is the position that has been up in the air all along ... will it settle fast now? Kraus has been good, but coming off his shoulder surgery at the end of last season is still gaining strength/size.

Final note: Michigan always plays it's top five linemen regardless of position, and moves guys around position-wise if need be. This is why we have listed Alex Mitchell at so many places -- he has been the best of the young linemen, a natural warrior who is a natural 'road grader' OG but who has the size to slide over to OT if necessary. The eight who evidently will be used first: Long (OT), Stenavich (OT), Kolodziej (OT), Lentz (OG), Henige (OG) Riley (OG, OC, maybe OT), Kraus (OC), Mitchell (OG or maybe OT).

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