Initial Post-Game Quotes, Game Participation

Coach Carr, Wideout Jason Avant, new offensive center Adam Kraus, and new punter/kickoff kicker Ryan Ross.

Coach Carr:

"I'm pleased with special teams. Ross Ryan -- in terms of kicking off, he's a weapon." (note: Ryan put every kickoff into the end zone, and only one was run out for a return).

"On defense we gave up the one big play (a 76 yard TD run by Garrett Wolfe in the second quarter). We had a safety who was supposed to bounce outside, but he hesitated." (note: it was Ryan Mundy, who had just come onto the field for the first time in the game).

"On defense we are very banged up: Ryan Mundy mas missed several days of practice recently, David Harris has missed the last 10 days. And so we have young guys in there -- Chris Graham (who started) and John Thompson" (who got some mop-up time).

"On offense, Adrian Arrington (who left the field on a cart with ice on his ankle) is going to miss some time."

"But we hustled to the ball and we caused four turnovers. If you win the turnover battle you win 79% of the time."

"Every team in the country is playing young guys, and there isn't a team that can withstand injuries. Those who think that we are going to hold teams to 7 or 10 points a game have lost track of the game these days."

"We controlled the game in the second half, and we could've put the game away. We were stopped on a 4th and 1 and Kevin Grady fumbled inside the Northern Illinois 10. (Running backs coach) Fred Jackson put Grady back in there with asking me, but it was the right decision. Grady has done a great job with ball protection in practice -- he just has to remember that when you get close to the goal like there are more guys closer to the ball."

"We know there are better teams ahead ... one next week."


Jason Avant: "The passing game is pretty, but the running game is the Hart of Michigan ... and that's what will win next week. Whoever wins on the ground will likely win."


Adam Kraus: "I found out I was starting (at OC) yesterday. It's an awesome feeling. The thought of moving to the offensive line was always there (he came in as a tight end). I'm happy to be at center, happy to be playing, and happy to be playing for Michigan."

More from Kraus (who is from New Orleans): "My parents can't go back to their home for a while to see what is still there. They live right by the lake there, and very near the levy that broke there. My sister attends Tulane but was enrolled this week at Michigan." (Note: the Kraus' are all living in Ann Arbor for the time being).


Punter/Kick Off kicker Ross Ryan (who came to Michigan as a walk-on) on "the Punt" where, on Michigan's only punt of the day, he got off a 42 yarder and then went down and recovered a NIU fumble on the return. "I may have actually grabbed the ball away from Chris Graham."

Ryan on frosh punter Zoltan Mesko: "I was a little surprised I was named the starting punter ... Zoltan Mesko is going to be a great punter here." +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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