Michigan Visit Goes Well for Udoh

Oklahoma big man Ekpe Udoh made his way to Ann Arbor last weekend for his first official visit. According to the 6-9, 215 pounder, things went very well. Where does Michigan stand after the trip? Is a commitment on the horizon? Does he have a decision timetable? GoBlueWolverine gets the latest.

Ekpe Udoh profile

How did your visit go?

"It went real well. I hung out with Lester Abram, Daniel Horton, Chris Hunter and Hayes Grooms. Hayes is Braylon Edwards' best friend and he introduced me to Braylon at the game. I also showed my skills in EA Sports College Football. I beat Chris Hunter 102-7. Daniel Horton was a little tougher. I beat him 28- 14. The players were cool and real down to earth. I was real comfortable around them."

What did you like most about your visit?

"The Big House and meeting Braylon Edwards."

What did you like about the campus?

"I liked the great Architecture around campus. I also liked the computer labs with the apple dual screens that they had up there. I had a chance to meet with the academic adviser Mrs. Sue Shand. She seems to be willing to help out with the career that you choose. I liked the majors that they have available for you. She talked about the way they handle academics when the players are on the road for games that was very interesting to me. I felt like she was there to help me not because of being a big-time basketball player, but because I was a student. It made me feel wanted like someone would be looking after me if I decided to go to Michigan. I really like that lady."

What were some things that you and coach Amaker talked about?

"He told me how much I was needed at Michigan. We talked about the playing time and how tough the big ten is. Coach Amaker was real nice and an all-around great guy. He made me feel like, 'we need you here period.' Double period!"

What did you think about the coaching staff?

Coach Mike Jackson knows what he is talking about at all times. He is real. Coach Andy Moore…I would like t work with him on my post moves. Coach Moore is very intense when he is talking to me and I like that. The staff is very close with each other."

When will your timetable to commit be?

"Around January or February."

What does a school need to do to get you to commit?

"I need to know about the x and o’s, the coaching schemes, exposure on TV, and how well they allow there bigs to play."

Will you make anymore visits and who leads right now for your services?

"Yes, I will be visiting Pittsburgh in November. Michigan leads slightly right now for my services."

What are some things about Michigan that you take back with you to help you make your decision?

"Not only do they need me, but the academics are superb and if I have a diploma from Michigan I can get a job anywhere with it."

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