Some Post-Game Presser Quotes

Head Coach LLoyd Carr, Wide Receiver Jason Avant, Quarterback Chad Henne

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr:

"We lost the football game, but found a defense."

"The first half we didn't protect Henne well (the Irish had 2 first half sacks). And when (RG Matt) Lentz went down, it changed the end of the half for us."

"And the offense made too many mistakes in the red zone. You can't get the ball down there and then give it away."

Regarding Chad Henne: "It wasn't his best game."

"But I feel good about what we did defensively."

"And I like the men in that locker room -- they're fighters."

Wide Receiver Jason Avant:

"We practice our red zone offense all the time. It's frustrating to make those mistakes."

"Notre Dame was doubling me, and so Chad had to find others."

Quarterback Chad Henne:

"I didn't have a good day."

"They were doubling Breaston and Avant, and they single-covered Ecker; he ran some great routes."

Regarding whether t was a fumble at the goal line in the 4th quarter: "I'm not sure, but I didn't have the ball very long."

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