Carr: "The problem we had was in the Red Zone"

Week Three Press Conference Highlights: Michigan coach Lloyd Carr discussed injuries, the play of Chad Henne, David Harris, and more.

Opening Statement:

"It's obvious I think in the game, the problem that we had was in the red zone, we got down there four times, got one touchdown, turned the football over twice, and I think that's really the story of the game. Defensively, I thought we played hard, I thought we played physical, and I thought as the game went on we got better and better. I thought we really came out of that game feeling like we can have a good defense and I think with a lot of confidence. We have a lot of improvements to make on both sides of the football, but I do like the way we plays defensively.

"It was a poor performance in the first half. Our inability to run the football put us into too many situations, long distance, yardage-down distance situations. So in the second half I thought we played much better. I thought we ran the football. We had an opportunity for some big plays in that game, but we didn't get them. We broke a run out of there, where we should have a big play, and we don't execute it. We had a couple of passes that we had chances to make big plays on, and then in the final analysis we just didn't execute. Chad Henne uncharacteristically did not play like we've come to expect him to play. Certainly he did not have the help that he needs to get, and certainly when Mike Hart went out, we become a different offensive football team. We're much younger, and so what we've got to do is regroup here, and put an offense out there that will execute and run the football, and do some things to help us get some points on the board."

On Mike Hart:

"Mike Hart, I will say, he came in yesterday. The spirit is willing, there's no doubt Mike Hart is one great football player. That's what I can tell you, and he wants to play. But we've got to see how he comes tomorrow, because the flesh is not always able."

On Ryan Mundy:

"I just don't feel very good about where Ryan is. He's not been able to practice like he needs to practice so, I'm not optimistic there."

On Carson Butler:

"I think Carson Butler is absolutely a factor, depending how long Tim's going to be out. I don't want to have to do that but I have to find out, figure out, decide how long we can go without using him. But we just have to see how that goes."

On the offense:

"I think our offense is predicated on the quarterback making progression reads. He's got the first guy to look at to check, and then he's got to be able to come off and go to two and then down to three. In that game there were a few times he didn't do that and that's very very unlike him. He's a sophomore. I think we're all surprised. I was surprised, and yet I shouldn't be because he's a young kid. We are a different football team with Michael Hart in there. I think Michael Hart is really special…so Chad had some people in different positions in there. He didn't have Massaquoi. There's an inexperience factor I think that impacted him. But you know he'll settle down. He'll learn from this. This is all about trying to learn from every game. That's the wonderful thing about this game. This game will humble you. This game will teach you a lot of things if you just are tough enough to stay focused on what you're trying to do. And I guarantee you Chad Henne is tough enough and smart enough, and he'll be back and he'll be better for this. But, you know, it's not easy."

On if he thought about putting Gutierrez in:

"I wasn't tempted to take Chad out at all and that has nothing to do with Matt. I think you have to fight your way through some adversity. I think that you have to fight your way through some up and downs."

On if Chad knows what he did wrong after watching the film:

"He knows exactly what he did wrong. The interception to start the third quarter…his first read was a tight end. The tight end was almost immediately a no, and had he said no and gone to his second read, Jason Avant was wide open. But he didn't and tried to force the ball, which I've seen before. The best will do that. The best! That's what he did. On the fourth and five, the same thing happened. You know, so he'll learn from it."

On Chad Henne's first down run at the one yard line:

"I think he scored, on the first down play, Chad Henne was in the end zone. I mean, Leo Henige knocked their two technique a yard deep on the goal line. Now the problem were going to have as we go forward is, I certainly would have asked for that play to be reviewed, but I'm not sure there would be enough to overturn the review. The truth is, that as an official you can't be thinking, 'well, they'll get it in the box.' You gotta make that call!"

On Eastern Michigan:

"Well obviously I think the spread offense they've done a great job there. (Matt) Bohnet the quarterback, (Eric) Deslauriers is an outstanding receiver. I think it starts with them offensively because they can put points on the board. I've been very impressed with their special teams. I think their doing some things special teams wise that gives them a chance, that makes it very difficult to prepare because their not just an orthodox kicking team. Their going to spread the ball around, you don't know where the ball is going to be kicked off. They've got an interesting punt, so their going to make it difficult for us to return kicks simply because of the way they punt the football. Defensively I think they've improved from where they were a year ago, they had a chance to beat a good Cincinnati team, of course got a win last weekend so they're an improving football team."

On David Harris:

"Harris is big and he's strong and he's tough. He likes to play the game and he's a competitive guy. And he's smart. I like everything about him. He really had a tough season a year ago coming off that knee injury. He was never back to where he had been, but he a very good spring, a great training camp until somebody rolled on his ankle and missed a lot of time. Last Tuesday, I would never have guessed he would play in the game because he was limping around, but Harris came to play, and he made some very, very good plays in there."

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