Scouting Report/Interview: LB Commit Cobrani Mixon

GoBlueWolverine's Josh Turel descended to Columbus Ohio Friday for Cincinnati Colerain's victory over Tyler (Texas) Lee. Here is Josh's scouting report on U-M LB commitment Cobrani Mixon, and a post-game interview with Cobrani. Tomorrow: elite Colerain junior safety Eugene Clifford.

Cobrani Mixon 6'1, 220 Mike/Will Linebacker

Versus the inside run:

Though I think Cobrani will fit in at weakside linebacker at the college level, since this is his niche in high school. Cobrani is a very tough kid; he loves to hit and will do it every chance he can get. Fearless player. He plays with a nice base and his lower body strength is pretty solid. He uses his arms well and can fight through a good amount of blocks. He missed a few tackles against Tyler Lee but in previous films I've seen he's a solid tackler, and uses his arms well to wrap up. He can drag down backs in space. I'd like to see him play lower and really use his base; he stands up too much going into the gap sometimes. Overall most of his shortcomings here are correctable through good college coaching, so physically speaking if he can fill in a bit more bulk wise he should be fine.

Versus the outside run:

Has very good side-to-side lateral movement. Aggressive player pursuing the outside run yet he stays in control most of the time and doesn't over-run the play. Sometimes he can get his eyes too far up field and not read the blocking progressions, but overal, his athletic ability and pursuit skills are noticeable in this area of his game.


Given his demeanor and his base, he should be an excellent interior blitzer at the next level if he can play lower. He's an aggressive kid who brings plus athletic ability to the fold. He is a bit hesitant in coverage and slow getting to his zone on occasion but he is very quick in reading a pass play. He has enough side to side quickness, hip fluidity and overall speed to hold up in man coverage but, like I said, he does need to be quicker in zone drops.

Recognition and pursuit skills:

Keys and diagnoses well. Can be a bit hesitant at times on runs to the outside but overall he's pretty consistent on his reads and getting a jump on the play. Smart player who plays within his responsibility. Plays cutback well on outside runs but can also make plays sideline to sideline. Doesn't try to make too much happen or get caught peeking. Does take steep pursuit angles inside to the ball at times but he's pretty decent with pursuit angles. Overall good instincts and nose for the ball.


I think Cobrani was a much-needed pickup for the Wolverines. He's not a guy who's going to be dominant or a big playmaker but he's a disciplined kid who plays with a lot of intensity. He is a kid that loves to hit and is a sure tackler, something the linebacker position could use an upgrade in. What I like from what I've seen of him so far is he is a disciplined player. He knows what to do and he doesn't try to do too much and get burned. As to where he will end up at Michigan, I think it will depend on how much he grows and puts on weight. He doesn't exactly have a frame that can add more bulk to it, but he can grow some more so he could be a fit at middle linebacker. However with Brandon Graham in this class, who's a true middle linebacker, look for Mixon to play on the weakside. He has the athletic ability and pursuit skills to potentially start there down his career or provide depth at mike and will linebacker. If your're looking for some Wolverines you can compare him to, Larry Foote comes to mind, as well as a bigger Chris Graham. I think if you look at skill sets, he and former Michigan safety and current NFL linebacker Cato June share a lot of the same traits. Mixon isn't perhaps quite as athletic/fast but they both are change of direction type players with a nose for the ball, while both tend to struggle with depth in coverage. I've seen Mixon play in some big games, last year in the Ohio State Championship and last weekend against Tyler Lee, and I must say he was solid in both games. Overall Mixon is a nice fit for this class and a potential starter at will linebacker in the future.

Post Game Interview with Mixon

Thoughts on performance tonight?

"I played good, my job was to stop number 34 (Tyler Lee running back Jason Williams) don't let him get nothing inside and I think I did a pretty good job of that."

Are you happy to have the recruiting process over?

"I'm happy about it; I'm excited to watch Michigan."

Do you still talk to Mister Simpson (former Colerain player and current Wolverine freshman)?

"Yea, we talk about everyday, he lets me know how things are going, I let him know things are going good down here. We try to keep it going like last year."

How's the season been going so far?

"Oh, good! First game I had about 24 tackles so I'm doing pretty good."

Do you feel this team can repeat as state champions?

"I mean, we are own team, last years team we're just trying to compete with them but we're going to be pretty good."

Thoughts on junior Colerain safety and fellow Michigan camper Eugene Clifford?

"That boy, he's good! He's going to be special."

Have you tried recruiting him to Michigan any?

"Yea, I've been trying to talk him into it! (laughing) I don't really want to bug him with it right now he's only a junior."

Tomorrow we breakdown junior Colerain safety Eugene Clifford (who has a Michigan offer).

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