Michael Taylor: Recruiting Tidbit

As Michigan recruiting fans have noticed, it is becoming a harder and harder for Michigan to recruit nationally. Texas, Florida, California, by far the three biggest states in providing high school talent, are much harder to recruit for Michigan these days, mainly because of the local powerhouses in those states. Back in former U-M QB Michael Taylor's days (the late 80's) , it was different.

Michael Taylor:

"It has evidently become harder for Michigan to recruit in Florida and Texas than back in my day (Taylor, from Cincinnati, was a 3-year letter-winner in 87-89, and Michigan's starting quarterback in '88 and '89). On my teams we had Demetrius Brown (QB) from Miami, Steve Everett (OC) from Miami, Allen Bishop (DB) from Miami, Anthony Mitchell (DB) from Titusville (Fla.'s mid-east coast), Dave Chester (OL) from Titusville). We also had Warde Manuel from New Orleans and Chris Hutchinson from Houston. All were starters at one time or another."

How many scholarship players does Michigan have from Florida now? Two: starter Garrett Rivas, and OL Grant Debenedictis. From Texas? freshman OL Mark Ortmann.

Taylor attributes another factor to this decline, besides the fact that the home teams in these states are currently powerhouses. "Some schools telling kids they're gonna come in and start. Even some of the top schools, where the kids should know better, do that -- and kids buy it. Michigan doesn't do that, and at times that hurts them."

Note: U-M does have four scholarship players from California: freshmen Eugene Germany, Chris Richards and Johnny Sears, and Jr. DB Leon Hall. And from Louisiana there are Adam Kraus and freshman Laterryal Savoy.

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