Badgers Defeat Wolverines, 23-20

Barry Alvarez had a six game losing streak versus Michigan, and Michigan had won 23 straight Big Ten openers, but the Wolverines had also lost their last 5 road openers. Which streaks would hold up and which would be broken? As it turned out, in a game that went down to the wire, Alvarez broke his Michigan jinx, 23-20.

First Quarter

Wisconsin took the opening kickoff and made 3 first downs to the Michigan 37, where on 3rd down Lamarr Woodley got a big 12 yard sack and the Badgers punted.

Michigan took the ball at their own 5 at the 9:15 mark, and had a 17 play drive all the way to the Wisconsin 1, led by a 28 yard run by Max Martin, two scrambles by Chad Henne, and a 22 yard pass to Jason Avant. But on 4th down, Kevin Grady was stopped short of the goal line.

Wisconsin took it inside its one yard line at the 2:48 mark, and went 3 and out, but got off a great 58 yard punt followed by a U-M holding penalty.

Michigan took the ball at their own 33 as the quarter ended.

Second Quarter

Michigan and Wisconsin started the second quarter by trading 3 and outs.

U-M took the ball at their own 41 at the 12:28 mark, and, led by a 24 yard pass to Mario, got the ball to the Wisconsin 29 yard line where they stalled and Garrett Rivas missed a 44 yarder. But Wisconsin was flagged for offsides on the play, and Rivas kicks a 39 yard field goal at the 9:44 mark.

Michigan 3, Wisconsin 0

Wisconsin went 3 and out again, and U-M got the ball back at their own 29 yard line at the 8:04 mark. U-M went 71 yards in 9 plays, led by a 27 yard pass to Avant (with a great block by Mario Manningham), a 12 yard run by Grady, and a screen to Grady for 18 yards. Henne threw a 4 yard pass to Avant for the score at the 4:27 mark.

Michigan 10, Wisconsin 0

Wisconsin took the kickoff to its own 26, and drove 57 yards in 11 plays to the U-M 26 before kicking a 35 yard field goal with 1:22 left to make it:

Michigan 10, Wisconsin 3

Steve Breaston returned the kickoff to the Wisconsin 36. And U-M drove to the Wisconsin 11, led by an 18 yard run by Martin and a 30 yard pass to Manningham. With 4 seconds to go in the half, Rivas kicked a 28 yard field goal to make it:

Michigan 13, Wisconsin 3 at the half.

Halftime stats:

Michigan 264 yards (157 passing, 107 running)
Wisconsin 93 total yards (63 passing, 30 rushing)

Michigan 6-9, Wisconsin 2-7 on 3rd down
Michigan 88 yards after catch, Wisconsin 6

Chad Henne: 11-20, 157 yards and 1 TD
John Stocco: 6-14, 63 yards.

Brian Calhoun: 12 carries for 53 yards
Max Martin: 11 carries for 72 yards
Kevin Grady: 8 carries for 24 yards

Jason Avant: 4 receptions for 55 yards and 1 TD
Mario Manningham: 3 receptions for 57 yards

3rd Quarter

Michigan took the second half kickoff and went 3 and out.

Wisconsin took Michigan's punt at the Wisconsin 37 at the 14:01 mark and drove 43 yards to Michigan 20 on 9 plays. But U-M has consecutive tackles for loss by Gabe Watson and a sack by Alan Branch, and Wisconsin kicked a 43 yard field goal at 8:59 left in the 3rd quarter.

Michigan 13, Wisconsin 6

Michigan and Wisconsin traded 3 and outs, then U-M started at their own 8 yard line at the 6:44 mark and got 2 first downs to the 50, then punted once again.

Wisconsin started at their own 26 at the 2:22 mark of the 3rd quarter. They made 6 first downs, and 15 plays later, stalled on the Michigan 9 thanks to a tackle for loss by Lamarr Woodley, the Badgers kicked a 26 yard field goal at the 12:48 mark of the 4th Quarter.

Michigan 13, Wisconsin 9

Michigan started at their own 8 yard line at the 12:44 mark of the 4th quarter. After making a first down Max Martin fumbled at the 22, and there was also a U-M personal foul on the play.

Wisconsin took over at the U-M 12 with 12:19 to go in the 4th quarter. Two plays later Wisconsin scored a touchdown at the 11:34 mark.

Wisconsin 16, Michigan 13

Michigan took the ball at their own 20, and one play later Chad Henne threw an interception at the Michigan 35.

WIsconsin took the ball at the 11:00 mark and, after a 10 yard penalty, returned the interception favor at the U-M 39 -- Grant Mason making the INT.

Michigan took the ball at the U-M 39 with 10:17 to go in the game, and one play later threw a 49 yard flea flicker touchdown pass to Mario Manningham at the 9:03 mark.

Michigan 20, Wisconsin 16

Wisconsin returned the kickoff to their own 46 at the 8:56 mark. After a first down Wisconsin punted it to the Michigan 3 yard line with 5:05 to go in the game.

Starting at their own 5, Michigan went 3 and out and punted it at the 4:36 mark.

Wisconsin took the ball at their 48 yard line with 4:29 to go. After 2 first downs, quarterback John Stocco ran it in from the 4 yard line on a QB draw with 0:24 to go in the game.

Wisconsin 23, Michigan 20

Michigan took the ball at their own 20 with 24 seconds to go. On the first play Henne completed a 24 yard pass to Avant to the U-M 44 with 17 seconds to go. But that was as far as the Wolverines could go.

Final Score: Wisconsin 23, Michigan 20

Some Second Half Stats:

Wisconsin 20, Michigan 7

Time of Possession (approx): Michigan 7 minutes, Wisconsin, 23 minutes

First Downs: Michigan 4, Wisconsin 12

Total Yards: Michigan 149, Wisconsin, 193

Rushing Yards: Michigan 54, Wisconsin, 110

Passing Yards: : Michigan 94, Wisconsin, 83

Calhoun -- 102 yards in 2nd half

In the second half, U-M started on their own:
16 (3&out),
29 (3&out),
8 (2 1stDs),
8 (1 1stD),
20 (1 play),
39 (the TD pass to Manningham),
5 (3&out),
20 (1 1stD).

Final Game Stats:

Total Yards: Michigan 413 yards (149 in the 2nd half), Wisconsin 286 (193 in the 2nd half)
Rushing Yards: Michigan 162 (54 in the 2nd half), Wisconsin 140 (110 in the 2nd half)
Passing Yards: Michigan 251 (94 in the 2nd half), Wisconsin 146 (83 in the 2nd half)

Chad Henne: 15-32 (4-12 in the 2nd half) for 251 yards, 2 TD's, 1 int
John Stocco: 16-33 (10-19 in the 2nd half) for 14 yards and 1 int.

Brian Calhoun: 155 yards (102 in the 2nd half) on 35 carries and 1 TD.
Max Martin 90 yards (18 in the 2nd half) on 16 carries and 1 fumble
Kevin Grady: 60 yards (36 in the 2nd half) on 16 carries

Brian Calhoun: 8 receptions for 58 yards
Jason Avant: 7 receptions (3 in the 2nd half) for 108 yards and 1 TD
Mario Manningham: 4 receptions (1 in the 2nd half) for 107 yards and 1 TD

Michigan was 1-5 on 3rd down in the second half.

Michigan is now 2-4 in its last 6 games.

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