Michael Taylor: Michigan State

Former Michigan quarterback Michael Taylor (2-0 as a starter versus the Spartans) looks forward to the Michigan State game.

1988-89's starting Michigan quarterback, Michael Taylor:

Michigan's Offense versus the Michigan State Defense:

"Michigan State's defensive front line is decent, but their secondary is a work in progress.

"Michigan State has weak corners ... Bowling Green put up 40 on them. The question is, can Chad Henne go to someone else besides Jason Avant? Henne had 15 completions last week, Avant had 7, Mario Manningham 4, Tyler Ecker 1, Steve Breaston 1, with a couple to the running backs. Michigan has to get someone else besides Avant involved in the passing attack."

Michigan's Defense versus the MSU Offense:

"With that offense, State is gonna score. And if you don't put pressure on Drew Stanton, if you just lay back and play zone, Stanton will pick you apart. So if they don't get pressure get pressure with their front four it could be a long day.

"I don't think Michigan is going to play man defense. They're doing zone blitzes at times, but not a full out blitz. They are covering up for some weaknesses by playing zone ... against Drew Stanton they're going to give up points.

"You cannot shut down Drew Stanton playing zone. He's too smart for that. He'll do same thing Wisconsin did in the second half last week ... they figured it out what Michigan was doing, just running an ocassional corner blitz. With Michigan playing zone, MSU will move the chains.

"You cannot play zone defense unless your front four is consistantly pressuring the quarterback, and ours isn't so far. They are averaging two sacks a game, and had one last week ... OSU, by comparison, is averaging four a game. Against top level teams, one sack a game isn't enough.

"Lamar Woodley is playing well, but he has to take it to the next level in this game ... the great defensive ends create havoc at all times. Woodley's doing a lotta things out there. But he should have 3-4 pressures and a couple sacks every game. Last year State couldn't block him, and they shouldn't be able to this week either. Woodley did have to play every single down last week, there was no one to give him a rest.

"Gabriel Watson and Alan Branch both played pretty well last week, but they both wore out at the end. Late in the game Pat Massey was out there -- Massey was the one guy they were subbing on the DL, and wherever he was playing, that's where Wisconsin ran it. But with Watson and Branch -- you cannot ask 300+ pounders to play 50-60 plays a game, you have to rotate. Michigan would be better off with more of a rotation on the D-line. Evidently Terrance Taylor is just not ready yet. But in the NFL Gabe will get 40 snaps a game, and he's not 3rd down guy in the NFL. Gabe has to be out there too much, and Branch too, both are too out of shape to play that much."

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