Michigan Beats MSU In Overtime Again, 34-31

The first half was 15 minutes of offensive fireworks, and the second half was chocked full of mistakes. But in the end Michigan had too much Hart for the Spartans – and a redemptive overtime field goal kick by Garrett Rivas. Here are the game drives, and the key stats.

The game drives, and important stats:

MSU got the opening kickoff at their 20, got one first down, and punted to the Michigan 2 yard line.

Michigan took the ball at their own 2 yard line at the 12:03 mark. Mike Hart made a 45 yard run from the Michigan 10 to the MSU 45. Mario Manningham took a screen pass from the MSU 44 to the 19. Antonio Bass took the snap from the quarterback spot on 3rd and 5 at MSU 11 and ran it to the MSU 2. And Chad Henne throw a touchdown pass to Jason Avant at the 8:23 mark. Michigan went 98 yards in 10 plays.

Mike Hart constricts the Sparties
Michigan 7, MSU 0

MSU took the kickoff at their 20, went 3 and out and punted.

Michigan got the ball back at 7:18 at their own 48 yard line. Two plays later at the 7:03 mark, Manningham caught a 43 yard touchdown pass. Michigan went 52 yards on 2 plays.

Michigan 14, MSU 0

MSU took the ensuing kickoff at 7:02 at their own 20 yard line and drove 80 yards in 11 plays to score a TD at the 2:40 mark.

Michigan 14, MSU 7

Michigan took the kickoff to the Michigan 30, went 3 and out and punted.

MSU took ball at their own 34 and drove all the way to the Michigan goal line, where Willis Barringer made an interception (*MSU mistake*) and fumbled it ahead to the Michigan 13 with :04 left in the first quarter.


Starting at MSU 13 with :04 to go in the first quarter, Michigan drove it 87 yards on 11 plays to score a touchdown at the 11:20 mark of the second quarter. Big plays were a 28 yard pass to Tyler Ecker, a 15 yard pass to Jason Avant, an MSU roughing the kicker penalty on a field goal (*MSU mistake*) attempt giving U-M a 1st down, and the touchdown pass to Brian Thompson.

Michigan 21, MSU 7

MSU answered by starting at their own 21 and going 79 yards in 12 plays to score a touchdown at the 5:56 mark.

Michigan 21, MSU 14

Michigan took the kickoff, went 3 and out and punted.

MSU started at their own 27 and two plays later scored a touchdown with 3:30 to go.

Michigan 21, MSU 21

Michigan took the ensuing kickoff at their own 29 with 3:14 to go. They drove in 13 plays to the MSU 3 yard line, including going for it successfully on 4th and 1 at the MSU 21. With 9 seconds to go Garrett Rivas kicked a 20 yard field goal to end the half.

Michigan 24, MSU 21


Halftime Stats

Michigan gained 311 yards (218 passing, 93 rushing), MSU 299 (207 passing, 92 rushing)

Henne was 19-24, 218 yards, 3 TDS
Stanton was 11/17, 207 yards, 1 TD

Hart rushed for 83 yards 14 carries (45 on 1 play)

Jason Avant had 7 receptions for 75 yds and a TD

Michigan had no turnovers
MSU had 1 interception, also a roughing the kicker penalty that became a Michigan touchdown

Willis Barringer and 2 interceptions (and fumbled on both of them, although Michigan recovered both)



Michigan took the opening kickoff to their own 20. Three plays later Henne threw an interception (*U-M mistake*) at the Michigan 30, which was returned to the Michigan 18.

MSU started at the Michigan 18, but Michigan holds in 3 plays, and MSU kicks a 26 yard field goal at the 13:40 mark.

Michigan 24, MSU 24

Michigan took the ensuing kickoff, went 3 and out, and punted.

MSU took the ball at the 9:20 mark at the MSU 28, and two plays later fumbled at the MSU 46 (*MSU mistake*).

Michigan, however, went 3 and out, punted the ball down to the MSU 4.

MSU started at their own 4 at the 6:40 mark. They drove to the Michigan 6 where they stalled and missed a 23 yard field goal (*MSU mistake*) at the 13:37 mark of the 4th quarter.


Michigan took the ball at their own 20 at the 13:05 mark, Mike Hart promptly galloped on a 66 yard run to the MSU 14. Five plays later Hart dove in for the go ahead touchdown at the 11:29 mark.

Michigan 31, MSU 24

MSU took the ball at their own 20 and went 3 and out and punted.

Michigan took the punt to their own 46 at the 10:29 mark, and promptly made 2 first downs. U-M looked like they were about to put the nail in the MSU coffin. But at 3rd down on the MSU 26, Henne fumbled the ball (*U-M mistake*) and MSU returned it all the way back for a touchdown at the 6:43 mark.

Michigan 31, MSU 31

Michigan took the kickoff to the Michigan 40 at the 6:30 mark. Michigan ate up the clock with 3 first downs, all on the ground, and all but one carry by Mike Hart, including successfully going for it on 4th and 1 twice. Michigan took it down to the Michigan 10 where, with 48 seconds left, Rivas missed a 27 yard field goal (*U-M mistake*).

MSU made a first down, but the clock ran out in regulation.


MSU took the ball first, at the Michigan 25, made no first downs, and missed a 37 yard field goal.

Michigan took the ball at the MSU 25 and in two plays got it to the 18. On 3rd down Garrrett Rivas kicked a 35 yard field goal for the game winner.

Michigan 34, MSU 31


Second Half (only) Stats

Michigan gained 101 yards (26 passing, 75 rushing), MSU 155 (72 passing, 83 passing)

Henne was 7-11 for 36 yards and an interception
Stanton was 9-13 for 72 yards and an interception

Hart rushed for 137 yards (66 on 1 play) on 22 carries

Michigan had three ‘mistakes': a, interception by Henne, a fumble by Henne, and a missed 27 field goal by Rivas

MSU had three ‘mistakes' as well, an interception by Stanton, a fumble, and a missed 23 yard field goal


Final Game Stats:

Michigan had 412 yards (254 passing, 158 rushing); MSU had 454 yards (279 passing, 175 rushing)

Both Michigan and MSU had 21 first downs

Henne was 26-35 for 254 yards, 3 TD's and an interception

Stanton was 20-30 for 279 yards, 1 TD and 1 interception

Hart had 220 yards on 36 carries (111 on 2 plays)

Michigan was 5-17 of 3rd down, MSU was 8-14

Michigan was 3-3 on 4th down

Michigan had (unofficially) 2 sacks (Pat Massey/Rondel Biggs, Prescott Burgess/Pierre Woods, 3 tackles for loss (Alan Branch, David Harris, Tim Jamison)

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