U-M at 3-3 ... Has it ever happened before?

Coach Carr has never before had as many as 3 losses in his first six games. But how about Bo? Certainly HE never opened a season anywhere NEAR 3-3, did he? Read on to find out, you may be surprised!

As a matter of fact, Bo Schembechler opened five of his 20 seasons with shaky first months; some righted themselves, others didn't.

In 1998 U-M opened 0-2, then went on an 8 game winning streak before finishing the season 10-3.

In 1980 U-M opened 1-2, then went 9-0 the rest of the way, including a Rose Bowl victory.

In 1982 U-M opened 1-2, then won the next 7 before finishing the season with dual losses to go 8-4 overall.

U-M opened 3-2 in 1984, then went win, loss, win, loss, win, loss, loss to finish the season 6-6.

U-M opened 3-2 in 1987, then went win, loss, before winning 3 of their last 4 to finish the season 8-4.

And Gary Moeller had 3-3 and 4-4 openings in TWO of his four seasons as Michigan head coach:

Ah HA! In U-M, Gary Moeller's first season as head coach, opened the 1990 season 3-3! They then won the last 6 games of the season to finish 9-3.

In 1993 U-M opened the season 4-4! Then then won their last 4 games to finish the season 8-4.

And Lloyd Carr? He opened the 1998 season 0-2 before going on an 8 game winning streak, then losing to OSU and then winning the last two to finish 10-3.

That's the closest Carr has come to this year's 3-3 start. Here's the thing to remember, however: except for Bo's 1984 and 1987 teams, U-M has responded to shaky starts with impressive winning streaks. So, the bottom line is: how this season will be remembered depends on the NEXT five-or-six games more than the previous six.

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