Minnesota Beats U-M With Last Sec. Field Goal

Minnesota 23, Michigan 20, the first Gopher win over the Wolverines since 1986. Here are the game drives, and the key stats, quarter by quarter.

Michigan took the opening kickoff and drove 67 yards in 12 plays before stalling. Garrett Rivas kicked a 23 yard field goal and Michigan took the lead.

Michigan 3, Minnesota 0

Minnesota took the ensuing kickoff and made two first downs before giving the ball over on downs at the U-M 45.

Michigan made one first down before punting.

Minnesota took the ball at their own 18 at the 3:24 mark. They went on a long drive, making 6 first downs and going 70 yards in 14 plays to the U-M 12 before stalling and kicking a 29 yard field goal at the 12:40 mark of the 2nd quarter.

Michigan 3, Minnesota 3


Michigan took the ensuing kickoff and after make 1 first down punted to the Minnesota 19 at the 11:08 mark.

Minnesota went 3 and out and punted the ball back at the 10:30 mark.

Michigan also went 3 and out and punted that ball back at the 8:06 mark.

Minnesota made 1 first down before punting the ball to the Michigan 26 at the 6:39 mark.

Michigan made 2 first downs, and, aided by a roughing the passer call after a pass completion, made it to the Minnesota 30, where Rivas kicked a 47 yard field goal at the 5:50 mark.

Michigan 6, Minnesota 3

Minnesota fumbled on the first play, and Michigan took over the ball at the Minnesota 28 yard line at the 5:42 mark.

Following a past to Steve Breaston from the Minnesota 28 to the 5, Mike Hart went in for the touchdown from the 1 at the 2:32 mark.

Michigan 13, Minnesota 3

Minnesota took the ensuing kickoff and marched 75 yards in 7 plays to score a touchdown at the 2:12 mark.

Michigan 13, Minnesota 10

Michigan went 3 and out and Minnesota had the ball as the half ran out.

Halftime stats

Michigan 156 yds, Minnesota 237 yds
Michigan 11 first downs, Minnesota 12
Passing: Michigan 108 yds, Minnesota 135 yds
Rushing Michigan 48 yds, Minnesota 102 yds

Hart 15 carries, 65 yds (52 in 1st quarter)
Maroney - 15 carries, 59 yds (21 in first quarter)

Henne 9-20, 108 yds
Cupito 10-15, 135 yds


Minnesota returned the opening kickoff to the U-M 40 yard line. Two first downs and 2:20 later Minnesota kicked a 26 yard field goal.

Michigan 13, Minnesota 13

Steve Breaston took the ensuing kickoff at the U-M 5 and broke a 95 yard return for a touchdown -- the first 3rd quarter touchdown of the season for Michigan (and their only score of the second half).

Michigan 20, Minnesota 13

Minnesota answered by returning the ensuing kickoff to the Minnesota 40 and then driving 61 yards in 13 plays to score the tying touchdown at the 6:12 mark of the 3rd quarter.

Michigan 20, Minnesota 20

Breaston returned the ensuing kickoff to the U-M 47. Michigan made 2 first downs and then stalled at the Minnesota 27 yard line. Rivas missed a 42 yard field goal into the wind.

Minnesota and Michigan traded 3 and outs to end the quarter.

End of 3rd quarter stats:

Time of possession: Minnesota leads 25:16 to 18:38
Time of possession (3rd Q only): Minn 10:23, U-M 4:37
Total yardage, Minnesota leads 322 yds vs. 188
Passing Minnesota leads 140 to 127
Rushing Minnesota leads 182 vs, 61
Henne 11-24, 127 yds
Cupito 11-20, 140 yds
Hart 20-78 yds
Marony 28-120 yds, Russell 14-54 yds


Minnesota makes 1 first down then punts.

Michigan takes the ball at the U-M 26 at the 12:55 mark and makes 3 first downs to the Michigan 21. But Rivas missed a 34 yard field goal at the 8:30 mark.

Minnesota makes 1 first down, then punts to the U-M 27. Minnesota QB Brian Cupito also goes down on his shoulder on 3rd down and is out.

Michigan takes the ball at the 5:36 mark and gets 2 first downs before punting the ball to the Minnesota 12 at the 2:56 mark.

Minnesota gets the ball at their own 12 with 2:47 to go, and with their back-up quarterback Tony Mortensen in, drives the ball 75 yards in 2:47. Key play: a 61 yard run by Gary Russell to the Michigan 14. The Gophers kick a 30 yard field goal with 1 second left.

Minnesota 23, Michigan 20

Final stats

Total Yards:
Minnesota 403, Michigan 249

Passing Yards:
Michigan 155, Minnesota 139

Rushing Yards:
Minnesota 264, Michigan 94

Time of Possession:
Minnesota 32:50, Michigan 27:10

Third Down Efficiency:
Minnesota 9-17, Michigan 3-14

First Downs:
Minnesota 23 (12 1st half, 11 2nd), Michigan 19 (11 1st half, 8 2nd)

Individual stats:
Chad Henne 14-29, 155 yds.
Brian Cupito 11-23, 139 yds., 1 TD
Mike Hart 28-109 yds, 1 TD (long 20)
Laurence Maroney 36-129 yds, 1 TD (long 15)
Gary Russell 18-128 yds (long 61)

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