Minnesota Post Game: Coach Carr

In Coach Lloyd Carr's post game presser his team's offensive struggles in their 23-20 loss to the Minnesota Goleden Gophers

Opening Statement:

"I think Minnesota played an outstanding football game, especially defensively. We just had a lot of opportunities that we didn't take advantage of. We didn't block them well up front. I don't think we protected the quarterback very well. I think we dropped too many passes. I think we had some open people that we missed. Of course we missed two field goals. Minnesota was outstanding, I thought, defensively. They deserved to win. Give them the credit."

On what happened on Minnesota's last big play, the 61 yard run:

"We were in what we call backer support, where that ball should be turned in by our outside backer. I think he got blocked. From my vantage point it looked like the ball got outside of him. Then we didn't get the rotation we needed because we knew they were going to run the football. That's the frustrating discouraging thing about that play. They were trying to run the clock out, or at least get out of their own end. So when that play happens at that time of the ball game, it's very difficult to overcome. And we couldn't overcome it. I thought our defense, based on all of the time that we left them on the field, did a lot of very good things. We scored two touchdowns…one was after a turnover. I think Willis Barringer made a big hit and Chris Graham got the football. The only score in the second half was a result of our kickoff return. We just left our defense out there. Even though they had played well and done a lot of good things, there was a big play there at the end. Again, give Minnesota credit."

On if he anticipated Gary Russell being able to do the things he did:

"That was a hard hitting football game. The amazing thing is at the end of that game we lose Willis Barringer and Brandent Englemon, our safeties who had played so well. Their quarterback…they lose him. It was a very very physical hard hitting football game. I don't think there is any question about that. [Russell] is an outstanding football player. That's been very obvious. He is a true freshman, is not starting, and he is third in the Big Ten, after six games, in touchdowns. This guy is for real. We knew that. That's one of the things that that kind of depth provides you."

On the problems offensively:

"I just said we didn't block very well, we didn't protect very well, we had a couple of receivers open and we didn't hit them. We dropped balls. You name it…we need to work on it."

On if he can point to a reason for three losses at this point:

"I think every game is different. I look at this game, and again I give Minnesota credit. But certainly, offensively we're disappointed in the way we played. So we're not where we need to be. We've got another game next week against an outstanding football team. I think this conference…everybody seeing the kind of quality teams there are. They aren't going to get any easier."

On Breaston's performance and if the return should have given the team a spark:

"Yeah, absolutely. It came right after Minnesota tied the game up. A play like that would normally give you some momentum and get the crowd into it. We just weren't able to do that. We just could not crack the Minnesota defense. I think when it comes right down to it...that was what happened. We moved the ball at times in the second half. We got down there and couldn't make anything happen."

On how the team handles having three losses this early in the season:

"You play the games one at a time. Certainly, we're all disappointed, but you just got to keep fighting. Regardless of what kinds of circumstance you find yourself in…you have some choices. You can relent, give in, and feel sorry for yourself. Or you can come back, fight, and try to find a way to win next time."

On if he knew how much time was left at the end:

"No. It was difficult. I don't know what happened to the scoreboard. That's pretty unusual. You had to check every down with the officials to know how much time was left."

On if he had a chance to speak with Garrett Rivas after the game:

"Garrett? No."

On if at 3-3 he starts looking at making personnel changes:

"I think every guy is competing everyday, every week. We're always going to evaluate the film, evaluate what we're doing as coaches, evaluate every player in terms of his performance, and try to get better."

On if he worries about the team slipping away at this point:

"I think obviously were not in a position we're accustomed to being in. There are no promises out there. We are where we are. We'll see how we handle this particular situation. "

On he still has the same confidence in Garrett that he discussed having last week:

"Yes I do."

On if he watched Minnesota take the Little Brown Jug:

"No. Do you think I should've? Hey, it's their jug. They won it now."

On Chad Henne's performance:

"I thought he missed some open receivers. I thought he had five balls dropped. I thought he had at times very poor protection. I think I answered that, didn't I?"

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