Seven and 0, Mar-I-OOOOO!

No, it's not the final score, it's even better -- it's the streak Michigan has against the Nitany Lions. Michigan won this one 27-25 in another wild finish in the Big House. After not touching the ball in the first half, freshman wide receiver Mario Manningham caught two TD passes in the second stanza, including the game winner with just one tick left on the clock. Here are the drives and the key stats.


Penn Stats took the opening kickoff and got four first downs, then stalled at the Michigan 15, and missed a 32 yard field goal.

Michigan took the ball at their own 20 at went three and out.

Penn State returned the favor.

And Michigan, being a polite host, returned the favor right back again.

As did Penn State.

Michigan got two first downs, but once again had to punt.

And so the first quarter ended.


Penn State took the Michigan punt at their own 5 and makes three first downs, including a 37 yard pass completion. But PSU stalled at the Michigan 28 and missed a 45 yard field goal.

Michigan took the ball at the U-M 29 at the 7:12 mark, and made two first downs down to the PSU 19. Garrett Rivas kicked a 35 yard field goal at the 4:34 mark. Big plays: a 23 yard rush by Antonio Bass, a nd23 yard pass completion to Jason Avant.

Michigan 3, Penn State 0

Penn State took ensuing kickoff to their own 22, make 2first downs, then stall and have to punt.

Michigan took the ball at the U-M 39 with 2:31 left in the half, made three forst downs to the PSU 27, but miss a 44 yard field goal to end the half.


U-M : 126 total yards, 49 rushing, 77 passing
PSU: 193 total yards, 93 rushing, 100 passing

Time of possession: U-M 11:42, PSU 18:18

Individual stats:
Mike Hart 7 carries, 31 yds
Antonio Bass 2 carries, 27 yards
Tony Hunt 9 carries, 40 yds
Derek Williams 1 carry, 11 yds
Justin King 1 carry, 5 yds

Chad Henne 8-15, 74 yds
Mike Robinson 10-14, 100 yds

Both teams were 2-7 on 3rd down


Michigan took the opening kickoff and drove 71 yards in 10 plays, and Mike Hart ran it in form the 2 to score a touchdown. Big plays: an 18 yard run by Hart, a 14 yard run on the very next play by Kevin Grady, and a 21 yard pass completion to Tyler Ecker.

Michigan 10, Penn State 0

Penn State took the ensuing kickoff, made 1 first down and punted.

Michigan returned the favor.

Penn State took the U-M punt at the PSU 26, and drove 67 yards in 7 plays, including a 56 yard pass completion. The drive stalled at the U-M 25 yard line, and PSU kicked a 42 yard field goal at the 2:42 mark.

Michigan 10, Penn State 3


Michigan took the kickoff and made one first down then punted.

Penn State took the U-M punt at their own 37 at the 13:14 mark, and drove 63 yards in four plays, including a 61 yard run by Tony Hunt, for the tying touchdown at the 11:56 mark.

Michigan 10, Penn State 10

Michigan takes the ensuing kickoff at their own 28, and on the first play Chad Henne had the ball stolen and returned for a touchdown at the 11:39 mark. Then, on the extra point try, a bad snap was picked up and run in for the 2-point conversion.

Michigan 10, Penn State 18

Michigan answered. Steve Breaston took the kickoff to the U-M 45. And after making two first downs, Chad Henne threw a 33 yard touchdown pass to Mario Manningham at the 9:32 mark. And Mike Hart ran in the 2-point conversion.

Michigan 18, Penn State 18

Penn State made one first down and punted.

Steve Breaston ran the punt from the U-M 20 to the 42 at the 7:15 mark and made two first downs before stalling at the Penn State 30 with 3:51 to go. Garrett Rivas kicked his thris field goal of the day, a 47 yarder.

Michigan 21, Penn State 18

Penn State took the ball at the U-M 20 and one play later Leon Hall intercepted a pass.

Michigan had the ball at the PSU 40 with 3:14 to go. However, Michigan went 3 and out and, due to PSU timeouts, only used up 22 seconds. Rivas pooch-punted the ball to the PSU 20.

Penn State took the ball at their own 20 with 2:46 to go, but made four first downs led by 28 yard and 15 yard pass completions. Then a pass interference call gave PSU the ball at the U-M 2 yards line, and PSU ran it in for the go-ahead TD with :58 seconds to go.

Michigan 21, Penn State 25

Steve Breaston ran the kickoff from the U-M 5 to the U-M 48. Henne completed passes to Avant for 17 yards, and to Tyler Ecker for five. Then Mike Hart had an 11 yard run, and Mario Manningham caught a 10 yard pass. With 1 tick on the clock remaining, U-M found itseld at the PSU 10 yard line. Henne threw a TD strike to Manningham -- the game winner.

Michigan 27, Penn State 25

Final Stats:

Michigan: 375 yards, 163 rushing, 212 passing
PSU: 420 yards, 181 rushing, 239 passing

Time of Possession: PSU 10:49, U-M 29:11

Third Down Conversions: U-M 8 of 18, PSU 5 of 14

Individual Stats:

Mike Hart 108 yards on 23 carries
Chad Henne 21-36 for 212 yards and 2 TDs, both to Mario Manningham

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