Visit Leaves Hornsby Speechless; U-M Higher

What football fan would not be impressed with Michigan's thrilling 27-25 victory over No. 8 Penn State on Saturday? For Fla., wide receiver Jamar Hornsby, on his official visit this weekend, the game left him nearly speechless. However, he did give his thoughts shortly before he boarded a plane home.

Jamar Hornsby of Sandalwood High School in Jacksonville, Fla., picked the right weekend to take his official visit to Michigan. The 6-foot-4, 195-pound wide receiver caught the game of a lifetime as Wolverine quarterback Chad Henne nailed wide receiver Mario Manningham with a bullet as time expired to lift Michigan to a 27-25 victory over No. 8 Penn State.

Horsnby stumbled and searched long for words to accurately describe his feelings. "It was just incredible," he finally said. "I mean, picture 110,000 people storming the field after the win. It was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. The trip was definitely a '10'."

Hornsby said Wolverine freshman tight end Carson Butler was his host.

Hornsby said he didn't commit to the Wolverines during the trip. However, he left with something to think about. "Oh yeah, it definitely moved them up," he said. "I'm not going to say anyone leads because I have other visits I want to take, but man, that was Michigan, WOW!"

It was the first time the five-star talent had been to Michigan. The Northern Florida resident has been to the home state school, Florida, on several occasions, and compared the two. "There is no comparison," he said. "Michigan was incredible - 110,000 people screaming like crazy. The players were all happy and jumping, it was awesome."

An official visit is not all about the football game, and Hornsby was able to get a gauge on the Michigan campus. "I talked to the academic people, and got to walk around the campus," he said. "I hung out with a lot of the players and I thought Ann Arbor was pretty cool."

Hornsby said he was scheduled to take a visit to Alabama next weekend, but that he has to cancel because of a conflict. He said he will be taking his ACT on Saturday.

The number three receiver in the country, according to, said he will reschedule his Alabama visit, and wants to visit USC, Florida (Nov. 25), and Georgia. Those schools constitute his top five.

Hornsby has been planning to enroll in college in January. Also, Hornsby and Talahassee QB Tim Tebow are good friends.

Jacksonville Sandalwood is 3-4 on the season following a 33-12 loss to DeLand on Friday.

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