Tim Tebow Named US Army All-American

In a pre-game ceremony Friday night, five star QB, Tim Tebow of St. Augustine, Fla., Nease HS was named to the 2006 US Army All-American team and will appear in the annual US Army/Scout.com All-American game in San Antonio, Texas.

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Tebow wasted no time celebrating his selection by shredding the Ridgeview defense for 353 yards of total offense in the FIRST HALF! On the evening, the talented QB showed why he is one of the nation's top prospects as he rushed 11 times for 75 yards and a TD and completed 14 of 18 passes for 278 yards and 5 TD's…all in the first half.

Tim is looking forward to visiting San Antonio again. "I went to the Scout combine there last year and had a really good time so I'm looking forward to going back again." As pleased as Tebow was with his performance on the field he was equally excited about being chosen to the prestigious all-star game. "It's just a huge honor and I'm so thankful that the US Army would think of me as one of the best players in the country. It's a big honor and I'm privileged to represent the US Army and I'm very thankful." He is also hoping to see some of the other players he has gotten to know on the recruiting trail in San Antonio and making a large contribution to his team. "I'm looking forward to helping the East team do better and hopefully get a win this year."

Some fans say he is a better drop-back style quarterback while yet others see him as the quintessential dual threat, option type QB. How does he view his style? "Well hopefully I'm just a good athlete, someone who can make plays and help his team and be a leader." When it's all said and done, he doesn't really care what the fans call him. "Hopefully, they will see me as a leader. I think that's the most important thing at the quarterback position and they will respect me for my competitiveness more than my throwing or running the ball. That's what I would like them (fans) to expect from me."

Tebow is still looking very hard at Miami, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, LSU, Michigan and USC and trying to narrow the list down but that is still a good way off. He doesn't really see any particular school's offense being an "ideal fit" for his style of play. "I think all of them have great offenses; all have great programs and it would be an honor to play in any one of them." As he has maintained from the start he isn't leaning toward any one school. He plans to take all of his official visits and see how they all stack up after that. "All of them have great offenses and great quarterbacks and I could succeed at all of those colleges." He hears from all the coaches on almost a daily basis and as he says, "we're just trying to have fun with it and my parents and my whole family are really doing a good job helping me. I'm just trying to be humble with it all and realize that I have a God-given ability."

While many observers have expected that Tebow will announce what school he will attend while at the Army All-American game he plans otherwise. "No, sir I think I'm going to do it a little before that. Hopefully, I will try to help recruit a little bit for the school I choose to go to. At this point it's kind of in the Lord's hands. We're trying to find out just where He wants me. Obviously, the big question right now is what is that school?"

Tim Tebow is an extraordinary young man and athlete. Whichever school gets his commitment will be getting the epitome of the student athlete. After watching him perform on and off the field tonight it is easy to understand why he is so highly thought of.

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