Michigan vs. Iowa: the Tales of the Tape

In putting Michigan's and Iowa's Big Ten stats side by side, several key matchups jump out: The Red Zone, and the Passing Game particularly.

(Note: stats in BOLD show are the most interesting matchups. Also, stats are for Big Ten games only.)


Scoring offense - Iowa tied 5th, 28.2 points per game
Scoring Defense - U-M 4th 25.5

Pass offense - Iowa 6th, 235.8 yards per game
Pass defense - U-M 3rd, 201.8
(Note: can U-M's rookie safeties hold up again vs Drew Tate?)

Rush offense - Iowa 7th, 157.5 yards per game
Rush defense - U-M 7th, 189.8

Total offense - Iowa 7th, 393.2 yards per game
Total defense - U-M 5th, 391.2

3rd down conversions: - Iowa 9th, 35.6%
3rd down conv. allowed: U-M 9th, 48.4%

Red Zone offense -- Iowa 100%, 13-13
Red Zone defense - U-M 6th, 16-19, 84.2%
(Note: is the Iowa offense really super-efficient in the red zone, or have they just played weak defensive teams so far?)


Michigan Offense versus Iowa Defense

Scoring offense - U-M 10th, 25.2 points per game
Scoring defense - Iowa 2nd, 19.0
(Note: this may be the question of the game -- can U-M score on the Hawkeyes)

Pass offense - U-M 7th, 220.2 yards per game
Pass defense - Iowa 9th, 290.5
(Note: this is a key matchup, perhaps THE key matchup ... can U-M pass on the Hawkeyes?)

Rush offense - U-M 6th, 158.0 yards per game
Rush defense, Iowa 4th, 158.2

Total offense - U-M 10th, 378.2 yards per game
Total defense - Iowa 7th, 448.8
(Note: Iowa's defense presents an opening -- can the U-M offense improve enough to take advantage?)

First downs, U-M 7th, 85
First downs allowed - Iowa 11th, 97

Red Zone offense -- U-M 7th, 12-16 (75%)
Red Zone defense - Iowa 1st, 8-14, 57.1%
(Note: this is perhaps THE key statistical matchup of the game -- is the Iowa Red Zone defense really this good?)

3rd down conversions:- U-M 10th, 34.9%
3rd down conv. allowed: Iowa 10th, 54.1%

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