Wright's Mother Clears the Air

After a few recent reports on her son's recruitment, the mother of class of 2007 wing Chris Wright sets the record straight on where things actually stand.

There is an old cliché' that says honesty is the best policy. When interacting with the mother of Trotwood (OH) Madison star, Chris Wright, those are words to live by. Ernestine Grigsby is a very honest and straightforward lady. When she is asked a question, she will either answer it or lets it be known that it is not a subject she is interested in talking about. That's why she is so upset over recent reports that she feels misrepresented her son's position on his recruitment. That prompted her to call GoBlueWolverine to clear the air once and for all on where things stand, and to speak her mind on her dealings with a few reporters.

Ms. Grigsby feels that some of the articles that have been penned recently (on non-scout.com sites) have been misleading. "I am monitoring my son's recruitment and I would like for those that are calling me to come correct," she said. "Tell the truth about who you are, what we talked about, and the way we talked about it. Last week some guy named [a non-scout.com writer that covers Michigan State] called my son's high school and tried to get an interview. When he was told that he could not get it, [another non-scout.com writer] called my house. I let him talk to Chris, and the next thing I know, he writes an article that makes it sound like we liked our Michigan State visit more than our Michigan visit … which was not true at all. It sounded as if Michigan State is the leader over Michigan, and that is not true at all. We enjoyed both of our visits. There is not a school that is leading for my son. All schools are still involved. I tell Chris all the time to be careful what you say because it might get turned around."

The questions being asked aren't really the issue for Ms. Grigsby. The editorializing of the answers is. That said, she does feel that it would be nice if the interviews focused a little more on Chris Wright the person and a little less on who his leader is this week. "Why don't they ask about what my son is involved in," she said. "Do they know that he is in junior ministry at church, or that we have bible study, or that he is a good student? Those are things that he is involved with, but instead they want to know if their school leads for my son. No one will find out where he is going or who leads. That is something that he and I discuss along with Coach Ike (his high school coach) and my oldest son."

These incidents have clearly soured Ms. Grigsby on the interview process, and she is taking action as a result. She has identified a few writers that she feels have dealt with her in an honest manner in the past and will talk primarily to those mentioned for the remainder of the process. "I like the articles that you have done with my son on GoBlueWolverine," said Ms. Grigsby. "I also like Dave Telep and Jeff Goodman from Scout.com, and John Stovall from Prep Spotlight. From now on, if we need to talk to individuals from any other websites or magazines, we will call them. I would just like to enjoy my son's recruitment without people trying to be pushy with me or with Chris."

GoBlueWolverine will have more from Chris Wright in the coming months.

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