JR WR Taurian Washington Soars (PHOTOS ADDED)

When you're on a team with talented junior skill position players such as Dionte Allen and Justin Siller, it can at times be tough to get noticed. Despite their presence though, Taurian Washington has emerged over the course of the season as a big play threat for the CHSL Champions; Orchard Lake St. Mary's. And the top ten instate junior is already hearing from many Big Ten schools.

Sometimes extremely talented players can overshadow other talented players on a team, simply because they command so much respect. When that happens, the only option for those others is to step up and make observers take notice.

That's exactly what junior wideout Taurian Washington has done in 2005.

Armed with a talented quarterback, a spread offense and a coach willing to air it out, the 6' 2" Washington has taken full advantage of his 4.5-ish 40-yard dash speed.

Washington has made his way to the end zone seven times for the Eaglets in 2005, and in practically every occurrence, it was Washington making a big play. Of those seven touchdowns, all seven were big plays of at least 20 yards or more, and five of the seven came from more than 40 yards out.

It's no wonder than that some of the most respected programs in college football are beginning to take an interest in the junior receiver, considered one of the top ten juniors in the State of Michigan.

"Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, Notre Dame, Ohio State; I've been hearing from all of them," said the reserved but confident Washington to GBW's correspondent Paul Wezner (of Scout.com's Tigs Town website).

No Michigan though?

"No, not yet."

Considering the well-established pipeline between Orchard Lake St. Mary's and the University of Michigan though, that could certainly change in the near future, as Washington continues to help the top-ranked Eaglets move towards a state crown.

With his height and decent speed, Washington has the ability to get open with ease, consistently creating a large cushion between himself and the defender. In turn, Washington knows he has the abilities as a receiver.

"My biggest strength is easily my ability to get open and to go up and catch the ball," said Washington. It of course doesn't hurt that Washington and Siller have played together for years, as both came to the Eaglets as transfers from Detroit DePorres, whose doors were closed last spring in a major restructuring of the Catholic high schools in the area.

Washington knows though that there is more to being successful than getting open. "I still have to work on being more physical at the line and work on my hitting and blocking," he said.

He also needs to keep working on improving his speed, possibly in order to get the biggest-name programs to come after him.

For now though, Washington, much like Michigan's newcomer big play threat Mario Manningham, has to worry about just one thing: and that's to catch touchdown passes.

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