Thaddeus Gibson Making Official Visit for OSU

Euclid (Cleveland area) Ohio OLB Thaddeus Gibson says, "I am going up there because they asked me first a long time ago. Actually, I was there as a junior unofficially and we set it up then."

Thaddeus Gibson Profile

Linebacker Thaddeus Gibson (6-3, 205, 4.5), of Euclid, Ohio, favors Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State, with Tennessee a close fourth (all offered).

"I am really open with my top schools," said Gibson of Euclid High School. "But those are the ones I have been thinking most about lately. I don't have just one favorite."

Michigan will get his first official on Nov. 18.

"I am going up there for the Michigan/Ohio State game -- it should be good.

"I am going there because they asked me first a long time ago. Actually, I was there as a junior unofficially and we set it up then. I sat down and talked with Coach (Lloyd) Carr when I was there.

"It's a great environment there -- small and compact. It would be a good place to get to know a lot of people," he said.

"Ohio State is close to home and all my family can come watch. It's a major program. Actually, it's a lot like Michigan. It's about the same distance -- two-and-a-half hours -- to each one.

"I have been talking to Coach (Luke) Fickell (co-defensive coordinator/linebackers), and he was going to get back to me this week to try to set up a date for my official at Ohio State. So, I should have that set up pretty soon.

"One of my former teammates goes to Penn State: Chris Harrell (safety) plays there. His dad calls me a lot and tells me how it's going there. I will probably set up a visit there soon.

"I have set up an official at Tennessee for Dec. 3. I am not sure on a fifth visit anywhere," Gibson said. "All of the schools have been recruiting me for outside linebacker.

"I will choose a place based on how comfortable I am with the coaching staff and the atmosphere at the school. I want to take my officials before committing anywhere," he said.

Gibson reports 11 sacks and one punt block. "I'm not sure on any other stats off the top of my head," he said, "but I'll tell you one thing… I'm gonna get two interceptions and 50 sacks today! We gotta win that game!"

Euclid (6-3) hosts Mentor in their last regular season game on Oct. 28. If Euclid wins the game, the team wins the league championship and heads to the playoffs.

2.5 GPA/Dec. 11 ACT retake -- needs to improve score.

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