Michigan Inches Higher in Polls

Three wins in a row, including Saturday's 33-17 conquest of Northwestern, have elevated the Michigan Wolverines in both major Top 25 polls this week. Left out of the USA Today/ESPN rankings last week, Michigan re-entered at the No. 23 spot. U-M jumped three spots in the AP Poll, to No. 22.

Michigan is on a winning streak. Of course, that is something Wolverine fans expect, but this season has been one of the more tumultuous in memory, and the three-game upswing is helping to bring a sense of normalcy to the Michigan faithful. Contrary to the first two wins in the current streak, this one was decided before the last play of the game. A fact for which the digestive systems of Michigan fans are certainly grateful. Also back to normal is the fact that Michigan is once again ranked in both major polls after their 33-17 victory Saturday over Northwestern at Ryan Field in Evanston.

The Wolverines, ranked No. 25 in last weeks AP Writers Poll, moved up three spots to No. 22 in the most recent rankings. Michigan also moved into the Top 25 of the USA Today/ESPN Poll for the first time in two weeks, coming in at No. 23.

Cursed with a plethora of injuries that have devastated the offensive line, Michigan will have a bye this week, giving the injured some well-needed rest and recovery. They resume play on Nov. 12 when Indiana visits Michigan Stadium.

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