Tim Tebow: The Rest of the Story

When GoBlueWolverine talked to the mother of top Florida QB Tim Tebow exactly a week ago, she said that Tim's final five had been decided upon, and official visits to the last two of those five were being set, but she asked us not to print it until they had given their turndowns to the other two school that had been under consideration. They rest of the story can now be told.

As GoBlueWolverine reported a week ago, the mother of Jacksonville Nease quarterback Tim Tebow, the top senior QB prospect in the nation, told us:

"Tim is taking his official Michigan visit as planned ... for the Ohio State - Michigan game. Tim's father and I will be going on the Michigan visit as well -- we're looking forward to it."

As far as his other official visits, Mrs. Tebow said, "Visits after the season are iffy, because Tim is planning for his team to make it deep into the state tournament this year."

"He was as at Alabama a couple weeks ago (Oct. 21st) for that official visit, then there's Michigan (Nov. 19), and USC ( Dec. 3). He was at LSU a week ago for an unofficial visit."

Mrs. Tebow also added at the time (with additional information in italics), "And he will be going back to LSU again the Nov. 4th weekend for an official visit." She added, "LSU kind of popped up late, when Tim's dad was in Louisiana on (post-Katrina) business ... Tim likes (assistant coach) Jimbo Fisher there."

"He is going to Florida for the Florida State game -- Florida was talking about it as an unofficial visit, but Tim is making that his official visit there."

Mrs. Tebow added, "Tim had also been looking at the other two instate schools, Miami and Florida State. He has a lot of respect for both those schools and their football programs, but his final five is Florida, Alabama, Michigan, LSU and USC."

As noted, Mrs. Tebow had asked us to wait regarding Tim's final five until he could speak to the other schools this past week.

ESPN also preparing a TV profile on Tebow, which will air December 14th, and that will be his announcement date as well.

"Tim has his announcement date set as well -- he will commit to the school he chooses on December 14th, live on ESPN. He wants to do it early so the other schools can make adjustments with their recruiting. And he also wants there to be enough time for him to be able to turn around and recruit Jamar to the same school!"

For the rest of our interview last Sunday evening with the mother of the U.S. Army All-American quarterback, click HERE.

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