Lumen Christi Ends Crockett's Playoff Run

When Jackson Lumen Christi and Detroit Crockett tangled on Saturday afternoon, it was expected to be a dogfight. With the top two players on the field mainly defensive players, it was also expected to be a low scoring affair won in the trenches. That wasn’t the case, though. Despite a strong effort from Michigan linebacker commitment Brandon Graham,as the Titans came out on top in a shootout, 35-21.

Led by defensive studs, one would expect a dogfight to between these two powerful clubs to be won in the trenches. Instead, Jackson Lumen Christi changed it up with a new game plan. Except for a big first quarter turnover that helped get Crockett a lead early in the game, the Titans rolled to victory.

“We hadn’t turned the ball over all year coming into the game, but we turned it over twice in the first quarter here. We got lucky there though, because it didn’t come back to bite us too much,” said Lumen Christi’s head coach, Herb Brogan.

Lumen Christi went to the air, utilizing shuttle passes and deep throws down the sidelines to avoid the powerful front group of Detroit Crockett. “We could not line up and play power football against those guys, we just couldn’t do it,” stated Brogan.

That powerful group, led by Michigan Linebacker commitment Brandon Graham, had their hands full all day long. They were weary of attacking quarterback Jeff Wojtusik due to the underneath plays they continued to run and the versatility of running back Josh Badall.

Their reluctance to attack the backfield at full speed gave Wojtusik time to go up top to wideout Tyler Aldridge, who came down with two big touchdown passes for the Titans.

An obviously saddened Graham was nevertheless proud of the way his Rockets fought in defeat. “We played our hearts out. We jumped on them early, but it just wasn’t enough. But in the end, we just didn’t quit, that’s all you can ask for out of your team.”

Graham was of course referring to the team battling back after falling down 35-13 early in the fourth quarter. Crockett made it interesting, scoring later in the quarter and seeing the clock run out on them deep in Lumen Christi territory as they were threatening to get to within one score of the Titans.

While disappointed, Graham gave credit where credit was due. “They’re a very disciplined team, they’re not real strong or real fast, but they take care of their assignment and just get it done.”

The Crockett offense got moving late in the second half, but it was too little, too late, as the Lumen Christi defense stifled the Rockets attack.

Terrell Willis
That charge was led by defensive end/linebacker Terrell Willis. The Titans moved their junior star all over the field to give him the opportunity to make plays. He shifted from right defensive end, to left defensive end, then to linebacker, and then back down into the three point stance. That wasn’t by design ,though, as the coaches were clearly adjusting as the game went along. “It wasn’t in the game plan,” said Willis, “but we started it, and it worked so we just kept with it.”

The 205-pounder is certainly at his best when he’s on the second line of defense, as he’s very quick to the ball and despite not being a physically dominating type, is still sound in the tackling department. Willis occasionally got into trouble when the bigger linemen got their hands on him, but in even those cases, Willis was often times still able to get an arm free to make the tackle.

While hearing from Michigan and Colorado among others, Willis is currently focused on one thing, the typical goal for Jackson Lumen Christi; “win a state championship.”

With their victory over Crockett which clinched the district crown, they’re now one step closer to their goal.

Stay tuned for more to come on Brandon Graham in the coming hours. Also me sure to check out GoBlueWolverine's previous scouting report on Terrell Willis.

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