Brandon Graham Looks Ahead

Detroit Crockett battled all year long and had just one loss coming into their matchup with undefeated Jackson Lumen Christi, but in the end, the Titans were just too much for the Rockets to handle. For the second straight year Brandon Graham and his Crockett teammates were knocked out of the playoffs by the traditional power. That only means the talented Graham can focus on his next task at hand; suiting up for the Wolverines.

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As one of the top football players in the entire country, Brandon Graham is easy to spot on the football field. But for all the good he was able to accomplish on the field, it wasn’t enough to overcome a great team in Jackson Lumen Christi.

The Titans came into the game aware of Graham’s abilities, and made a diligent effort to do everything possible to keep him out of the game. “We had to run that fullback trap, we did that a few times, not to get yards, but just to keep Brandon honest and try and distract him,” said Lumen Christi coach Herb Brogan.

Brogan wasn’t short in his praise for Graham or the rest of the intimidating Crockett defense. “That Graham, as well as those two defensive ends, they’re great players,” said Brogan. He emphasized it again, “especially Graham, he’s just a great player.” As for Lumen Christ’s next opponent; “their defense is good too; but not this good.”

Graham was frustrated at times because he just couldn’t make all of the plays he wanted to make. When he could, though, he did. He used his size and speed to get into the backfield at every opportunity.

Graham is such a physically dominating player that it’s obvious to see why Lumen Christi was so diligent in avoiding Graham. He shed individual blockers with ease time after time. Even when two blockers were sent at him, he often still found a way to bring down the ball carrier. He gets caught out of position occasionally, but his pure physical abilities help him overcome that. None of the Lumen Christi players were a match for Graham, even when he attempted arm tackles.

To the young man's credit, Graham doesn’t worry about his personal accomplishments… only what is in store for his team. “We played our hearts out, but in the end it just wasn’t enough,” said Graham. “The bar is definitely high now, but I think these guys next year can do it, our JV went undefeated this year, and I think next year, they’ll be able to do it [win the state title].”

Graham won’t be there to get it done with them, but he has his own plans for success when he enrolls next fall at the University of Michigan. “I’m real excited," he said. "I’m gonna be nervous, but I’m real excited. I think it’s gonna be great. I still keep in touch with the coaches. I’ve been talking to them every week. I’ll be heading over there early in the spring to get to work, to talk to the coaches and start to get ready for the fall."

As for whether or not he’s looking to play as a true freshman,'s #12 overall prospect indicated that nothing is set in stone just yet. “The coaches tell me I’ve got the ability [to play right away], I’ll just have to work hard and leave the rest of it up to them.”

After witnessing Graham’s incredible athletic ability, there’s little question that he’ll be making an impact in the near future at a Big House near you.

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